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Sunlight and cannabis cultivation

This article focuses on the topic of "Sunlight and Cannabis Cultivation". We will discuss why sunlight is the best light for cultivation of cannabis plants, what challenges may arise with outdoor cultivation, and precautions to take when dealing with UV light. If you're interested in cultivating cannabis or want to learn more about the impact of light on plants, read on.

Sunlight as the Best Light for Cannabis Plants

Sunlight is the best light for the cultivation of cannabis plants. With an intensity of up to 180000 lumens, it provides greater intensity than artificial light, and its position constantly changes throughout the day, ensuring all parts of the plant get exposure.

Challenges of Outdoor Cultivation

Given our northern location and the resulting drastic fluctuations in day-night rhythms, only specially adapted strains can be successfully grown in outdoor cultivation in a single cycle.

Caution with UV Light

Ultraviolet light can be as harmful to cannabis plants as it is to our skin. Plants need to gradually adapt to it. If plants grown under artificial light are suddenly exposed to sunlight, their chlorophyll can be destroyed, causing leaves to bleach and die off. Therefore, gradual acclimatization to sunlight is essential.

How Much Sunlight Does the Cannabis Plant Need?

Cannabis plants need a lot of sunlight during the growth and flowering phases to grow and thrive optimally. During the growth phase, the plant needs about 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness per day, while a 12-hour light and 12-hour darkness period is ideal during the flowering phase. Outdoors, the amount of sunlight needed depends on the geographical location, climate, and season. In areas with high sunlight intensity, the plants might cope with fewer sunlight hours than in areas with lower sunlight intensity. Indoors, the required amount of light can be regulated with artificial light sources.

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