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Gratis Samen von Skywalker OG Gelato Auto!

Deine exklusive Gelegenheit: Gratis Samen von Skywalker OG Gelato Auto!

Dear customer!

Today, we bring stardust directly to your grow room - with every order over 50 euros, we gift you a seed of the fascinating Skywalker OG Gelato Auto from Ganja Farmer Seeds.

Skywalker OG and Gelato Auto Free Seeds

A galactic gift awaits you ????

Skywalker OG Gelato Auto is a feminized, predominantly Indica-dominant autoflower strain, resulting from the crossbreeding of Skywalker OG and Gelato Auto. This harmonious connection promises the deeply relaxing properties of Skywalker OG as well as the sweet, dessert-like aromas of Gelato.

Plant growth made easy:

As an autoflower strain, Skywalker OG Gelato Auto is ideal for beginners or those looking for an uncomplicated growing experience. It only requires 9-11 weeks from seed to harvest and stays nicely compact at 50-110 cm – perfect for indoor gardens or outdoor areas with limited space.

Lush harvests, potent effects:

With yields of 450-550 g/m² indoors and 60-190 g/plant outdoors, this strain generously and reliably delivers. With a THC content of 17-22%, Skywalker OG Gelato Auto is a true powerhouse that doesn’t overwhelm but gently leads you to creative heights.

A taste profile from another galaxy:

Look forward to a palette full of taste notes – earthy sweetness combined with the fruitiness of Gelato and a hint of spice. Ideal for evenings when you want to relax while maintaining clear, creative thinking.

This offer is for a limited time – grab it while supplies last!

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Begin your growing journey with Mr. Hanf and let the stars guide you. Order now and don't miss out on your free Skywalker OG Gelato Auto seed!

With best wishes for a successful growing season,

Your Mr. Hanf Team