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Sparkling Start to February

Sparkling Start to February with Mr. Hanf – Last Chance for Exclusive Discounts!

Dear Customers,

February is in full swing and as we look forward to fresh starts, it's also time for a final push of our exclusive discount campaign. We are improving and expanding our range with new varieties from various manufacturers such as ACE Seeds, Royal Queen Seeds, Mephisto Genetics, Khalifa Genetics, and adding fresh varieties from Original Sensible Seeds. Take the opportunity to enrich your collection with some of the most innovative and exciting cannabis varieties on the market.

Promo Februar

Last Call for February Favorites
Only until February 26th, you can secure a fabulous 20% discount on selected products from Bomb Seeds, Auto Seeds, Seed Stockers and 25% FastBuds . Whether you're interested in robust resilience or unique flavors, now is the moment to choose your seeds for the upcoming season.

Spotlight: New Varieties from RQS × Tyson 2.0 – A Meeting of Titans

The exclusive partnership between Royal Queen Seeds (RQS) and Tyson 2.0 brings you a series of varieties that are already causing a stir in the cannabis community. This powerful combination of Mike Tyson's deep understanding of quality and RQS's decades of breeding expertise has led to an unparalleled collection that is now exclusively available from us.

Royal Queen Seeds × Tyson 2.0

A Combination for the History Books:

Corkscrew Auto : An autoflowering feminized variety that crosses Cherry Pie Auto and Tangie to bring you a sativa-dominant plant that uplifts both the mind and the senses – a true uplifter.

Dynamite Diesel: Combines Sour Diesel with Skywalker OG for an indica-leaning experience that relaxes and invigorates both body and mind – perfect for unwinding after a long day.
Gelato 44: A feminized variety that combines the legacy of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, offering an exquisite blend of euphoria and relaxation.

GOAT'lato Auto: Gelato #44 meets Cookies Auto in an autoflowering hybrid form, combining effortless care with a euphoric experience.

NYC Sour D Auto: A feminized autoflowering cross between NY Diesel and Sour Diesel Auto, producing a sativa-dominant plant with a motivating effect.

Punch Pie: Crossed with Purple Punch and Purple Kush, this indica-dominant variety produces a calming effect, perfect for relaxed evenings.

From the Ring to the Growroom:From the Ring to the Growroom

Mike Tyson, known as the "Baddest Man on the Planet", has moved from the ring to the growroom and created Tyson 2.0, a brand that stands for top-quality cannabis products. Through this exclusive cooperation with RQS, you can now grow these special genetics yourself.

Each of these varieties represents the dedication and expertise that both Tyson and RQS are known for. Discover the Tyson 2.0 × RQS collection today and see how passion and expertise elevate cannabis cultivation to a new level.

Act Fast – Only Until 26.02 2024!

50% Discount Tramuntana Seeds

Do not hesitate and take advantage of the opportunity before our February discounts come to an end. And don't forget to also check out the exclusive 50% discounts from Tramuntana Seeds – your last chance to enrich your collection.

With best wishes for a green start,

Your Mr. Hanf Team