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What is Lowryder?

Lowryder powerful hybrid mixture

Lowryder Powerful Hybrid Blend

Lowryder is a small but powerful hybrid blend that has clearly inherited many traits from its parent strains. This hybrid plant is a robust breed and can survive in cooler climates, facilitating cultivation in more northern areas.

Lowryder is a balanced hybrid strain that is a perfect example of how to get the best of both worlds. As a creative plant, this strain is a potent mix resulting from the cross of two absolute giants, the soothing Northern Lights #2 and the delicious and lively Willy's Wonder.
This unique strain was bred by the lab rats at Joint Doctor Seeds, with the ultimate goal of turning it into a consistently small plant. Their efforts were clearly successful, as this plant does not grow taller than 40 cm, making Lowryder one of the smaller hybrids available today.

Lowryder #2 Auto Reg.

Lowryder #2 Auto Reg.

Doctor's Choice
Gender regular
Crossing Santa Maria x Lowryder
Variety Sativa, Indica, Ruderalis
Cultivation Outdoor, Indoor, Glasshouse
Flowering time 56 - 63 Days from germination to harvest
YieldLow, Medium
Höhe 30 - 60 cm
THC 10 - 15 %
Impact Cerebral, Relaxing
Lowryder #2 Auto

Lowryder #2 Auto

Doctor's Choice
Gender Feminized
Cross Santa Maria x Lowryder
Variety Sativa, Indica, Ruderalis
Cultivation Outdoor, Indoor, Greenhouse
Flowering Time 56 - 63 Days from germination to harvest
YieldLow, Medium
Height 30 - 60 cm
THC 10-15%
Effect Cerebral, Relaxing
Low Dwarf Auto

Low Dwarf Auto

Gender Feminized
Crossing Orange Bud x Northern Light
Variety 50 % Sativa, 50 % Indica
Cultivation Outdoor, Indoor, Glasshouse
Flowering time Indoor 60 Days
Flowering time8 - 9 Weeks

Lowryder Effect

Lowryder is an energizing little strain that is very popular among artists and musicians for its ability to inspire and make them feel more creative. This strain relaxes, without making the body feel heavy, and can produce an unforgettable cerebral buzz that spreads throughout the body, inducing all kinds of giggly feelings.

Lowryder Powerful Hybrid Blend

This tasty strain is often used by its loyal fans as a daytime delight because it's stimulating and allows for getting tasks done without slowing down the mind. Lowryder can also be enjoyed at night, especially when looking forward to a long evening of socializing and partying with friends.

Lowryder may make some users sleepy since it's relaxing, so it's advisable to see which of its hybrid effects kick in before operating heavy machinery. This active strain can also make you more sociable and ultimately land you in the middle of a conversation as you become more talkative.


Lowryder is a fragrant plant and has a distinct aroma that some would say reminds them of Christmas. Its scent is sweet and contains traces of pine, a strong citrus note lingers above it and fills the room. This strain is also naturally earthy and sharp and is definitely a bud that gets all your senses going and makes your mouth water.


Lowryder is fruity and aromatic, with an engaging sweet and lemony taste dominating the high. This strain has a smoke that can only be described as buttery, and its exhale tastes of sweet pine and leaves a strong, pungent aftertaste in your mouth long after you have released its smoke.


Lowryder is a very useful medical strain and has been used in treatments for a long time to take control of some chronic conditions and their symptoms. This strain is an ideal way to treat insomnia, allowing the patient to feel relaxed enough to fall into a deeper and more lasting sleep than usual.

Other useful applications for this strain are the treatment of chronic stress disorders. Lowryder calms the mind and also helps the body feel more relaxed, and has the ability to uplift anyone who comes into contact with it, making daily stress easier to manage.
Lowryder has also proven ideal for the treatment of chronic pain, significantly easing the lives of patients struggling with everyday chronic pains. Depressed patients and those suffering from chronic nausea find long-term relief through the regular use of this uplifting and relaxing strain.


Lowryder is truly straightforward to maintain, making it a perfect choice as a strain for beginners. This strain is sturdy and can be grown anywhere, even in cooler climates, much to the delight of growers in more northern hemispheres and their clients.

Flowering Time

It can be expected that Lowryder, when grown indoors, will take an average of about 8 to 9 weeks to finish flowering and be ready for harvest. This strain grows small and produces an average yield of about 12 ounces of buds per square meter during harvest.

Lowryder grown outdoors can yield an estimated average of about 450g of buds per plant. This hybrid flowers through the early fall and is typically ready for harvest by mid-October.