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What does cola mean?

The term "cola" refers to the apex of a female plant's inflorescence in botany. In the context of cannabis cultivation, this specifically points to the marijuana plant.

It's crucial to understand that a cola consists not only of a single flower, but also includes its connection to the larger plant.

Colas usually form at the end of a large branch, because this location provides the flower (Bud) with the widest access to sunlight and pollinators.

Mr. Marijuana explains the Cola

Flowering plants are different from asexually reproducing plants in terms of their physical structures. In a female marijuana plant, the apex of the inflorescence is referred to as a cola. To clarify further, the cola is where the bud opens. Essentially, the entire bud and surrounding plant material constitute the cola.

In nature, a marijuana plant usually produces only a single large cola, located close to the top of the plant. Smaller colas may form in other places, but these are usually lower quality, especially in relation to harvest.

Unlike many other plants, marijuana colas grow long, narrow, and vertical. They may consist of smaller "popcorn" buds, in which case they carry a lower market value, or they can be large and robust, implying they carry a higher market value and contain cannabinoids and terpenes in higher concentrations.

In commercial cultivation operations, marijuana plants can be grown to develop multiple large, high-quality colas. For instance, with the SCROG (Screen of Green) growing technique, cultivators can yield multiple large buds on a single plant, significantly increasing their yields.

It's important to note that some marijuana strains resist these efforts. These strains exhibit a "Single-Cola Dominance" and almost always produce only a single large bud, unless grown with the Sea of Green (SOG) cultivation method.