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actiTube Berlin: Pioneering Charcoal Filters for Cannabis


actiTube Berlin's Revolution in Charcoal Filters for Cannabis

actiTube Berlin is a German company that has specialized in the development and production of activated carbon filters for cannabis users since 2001. Previously, cardboard rolls were mainly used for this purpose, which offered little flexibility. actiTube was the first company to take up the challenge and bring the first activated carbon filters to the market.

The company places a high value on sustainability and avoids using plastic in the production of activated carbon filters. All actiTube products are made in Germany and undergo strict quality controls.

actiTube's product range includes various types of activated carbon filters for different needs. For instance, they can be used to enhance the taste of cannabis or to filter the smoke, making it less harmful. actiTube's activated carbon filters are available in different sizes and shapes, making them suitable for various applications.

Overall, actiTube Berlin offers a wide range of high-quality activated carbon filters that are appreciated by cannabis consumers worldwide. The company is proud to contribute to a more responsible approach to cannabis and is committed to sustainability and quality in production.

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Slim Aktivkohlefilter 40

Slim Aktivkohlefilter 40


    Durchmesser: 7 mm
    Länge: 35 mm
    Verwenden Sie den gleichen Filter nicht mehr als 2 oder 3 Mal.

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