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The Transformational Journey of Cannopia


The Vision and Mission of Cannopia Cannabis Seed Bank

Mr. Hanf's Cannopia Cannabis Seed Bank pursues a highly commendable goal: to liberate cannabis cultivation from the basement of fear, uphold the good work, and dispel the cloud of immorality looming over its prohibition. They aim for its complete integration into our lives. As Victor Hugo once said, there's nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come. And now is the time for cannabis, a moment of transformative change.

In essence, Cannopia isn't a conventional seed bank but an independent group of Basque producers (based in San Sebastián). After over two decades of breeding and selecting various strains, they aspire to provide everyone with exceptional cannabis genetics. They demonstrate the possibility of capturing the vast richness of marijuana under one umbrella.

Distinct and Timeless Values

Their breeding endeavors focus on three distinct aspects. Firstly, they select native genetics from various world regions, collected during their travels, aiming to bring the best and most classic strains from countries like Jamaica, Samoa, Madagascar, Guinea, and Sri Lanka to Europe. They hybridize these local genetics, stabilize them, and adapt them to the European climate.

They've collected and enhanced the iconic European strains from the 1980s (Skunk, Haze...) to form the foundation of their creations. Through this, they offer affordable and high-quality cannabis seeds representing some of the most favored strains available today.

Moreover, they remain at the forefront of research and development in medical genetics rich in CBD. With a specific THC/CBD seed line (1:2 ratio), therapeutic cannabis users can benefit from this plant's attributes without sacrificing the flavors people seek today.

Fast-growing and Highly Productive Genetics

For instance, in their catalog, we find the G8, undoubtedly their flagship. It's an astounding evolution of the renowned G13, which they've crossed with Haze. This strain is notable for its size, hybrid vigor, and premier production coupled with an intensely vintage taste brimming with nuances.

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5’S (Five Senses)

5’S (Five Senses)

Gender Feminized
Crossing Skunk, Haze, Afghani, Paquistaní, India
Variety 20 % Sativa, 80% Indica
Cultivation Outdoor, Indoor, Glasshouse
Flowering time  58 Days
Yield indoors 400 g/m2
Höhe  100 - 200 cm
Harvest time Ende September, Anfang Oktober
CBD 11 % 
THC 5 % 
Taste & Aroma Süß, fruchtig, Weihrauch, Stinktier, Säure
Impact Kreativ, Lachend, Fröhlich, Inspiriert, Entspannt, Schläfrig
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