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DaHood Urban Seeds

DaHood Urban Seeds

DaHood Urban Seeds is an innovative company that emerged amidst the urban hustle of major metropolises. With a clear focus on high-quality cannabis seeds, DaHood Urban Seeds brings the essence of the city into each of their carefully selected strains.

DaHood Urban Seeds: Authentic strains directly from the master breeders of the city at attractive prices.

Our goal at DaHood Urban Seeds is to offer top-quality cannabis seeds at affordable prices. We achieve this by working closely with experienced breeders and delivering the seeds directly without intermediaries. This not only ensures attractive prices but also exceptional quality and freshness.

The seeds from DaHood Urban Seeds are cultivated in vibrant cities by experienced breeders. They include a variety of exclusive and proven genetics, known both for their quality and their unique urban characteristics. These strains reflect the true spirit of the city and have proven themselves in various urban cultivation environments.

Discover the range of DaHood Urban Seeds at Mr. Hanf now and dive into the world of urban cannabis cultivation. Whether you're looking for powerful, relaxing, or creatively stimulating strains, DaHood Urban Seeds has the perfect selection for every taste and need.

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Auto Bus 13

Auto Bus 13

DaHood Urban Seeds
Gender Feminized
Crossbreed Auto Haze xl x The Whale
Variety Sativa, Indica, Ruderalis
Cultivation Outdoor, Indoor, Greenhouse
Indoor Yield 450-600 g/m2
Outdoor Yield 300 g per plant
Flowering Time 80-90 days from germination to harvest
Flowering Time - Harvest End of June to End of October (2 harvests per year)
Outdoor Height 1.50 – 1.80 m
Genotype 30% Indica – 70% Sativa
THC 15 – 18 %
CBD >1 %
Taste & Aroma sweet, incense, wood
Auto Space Cookies CBD

Auto Space Cookies CBD

DaHood Urban Seeds
CrossbreedAlien Cookies x Dr. Hood CBD
Strain60% Indica – 40% Sativa
CultivationIndoor & Outdoor
Flowering Time Indoor70-80 days since germination
Flowering Time OutdoorEnd of June and end of October (2 harvests per year)
Yield Outdoor300g per plant
Yield Indoor400-500g
Height Outdoor1.50 – 1.80m
Taste & AromaSpices, Lemon, Cookie, Coffee
EffectRelaxing, Gentle, Physical
Auto Strawberry Cream

Auto Strawberry Cream

DaHood Urban Seeds
GenderAutoflowering Feminized
CrossbreedingAuto Blue Cheese x Auto Banana Shake
strainAuto Strawberry Cream
Flowering time indoor70-80 days from germination
Flowering time outdoorEnd of June to end of October (2 harvests per year)
Outdoor yield200-300g per plant
Indoor yield450-550g
Outdoor height1,50 - 1,80m
Genotype70% Indica - 30% Sativa
THC16 - 20%
Flavor & aromaSkunk, forest fruits, strawberry-cream
EffectStrong physical relaxation effect
Black Pearl

Black Pearl

DaHood Urban Seeds
CrossbreedingBlack Water Og x Exodus Cheese
strain60% Sativa, 40% Indica
Flowering time indoor9 weeks
Flowering time outdoorBeginning of October
Outdoor yield650 - 800g per plant
Indoor yield500g / m2
Outdoor height2 - 2,5m
THC18% - 21%
Flavor & aromaTerroso, Musgo, Dulzón
EffectHeavy, relaxing, easy smile
Dr.Hood CBD 25:1

Dr.Hood CBD 25:1

DaHood Urban Seeds
CrossCandida #3 x Totem cbd
Strain30% Indica - 70% Sativa
Yield Indoor400-500g / m²
Yield Outdoor600-700g / per plant
Flowering Time Indoor9 weeks
Flowering Time OutdoorBeginning of October
Height Outdoor2m
CBD15 – 25%
Taste & AromaLemon
EffectRelaxing, clean, non-psychoactive


DaHood Urban Seeds
Gender Feminized
Crossbreeding Big Bud x Lemon Skunk
Variety Indica, Sativa
Cultivation Outdoor, Indoor
Flowering Time Indoor 7-8 Weeks
Flowering Time Outdoor End of September
Yield Outdoor 800-1000 g per Plant
Yield Indoor 500-650 g/m2
Height Outdoor 2 m
THC 18 – 22 %
CBD >1 %
Flavor & Aroma Fruity Lemon Flavor, Aged Cheese
Effect Physical, relaxing, very balanced
Show 1 to 6 (of in total 10 products)