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Discover the Premium Quality of GreenLabel Seeds at Mr. Hanf!

Greenlabel Seeds

Explore the Premium Quality of GreenLabel Seeds Exclusively at Mr. Hanf!

We are thrilled to introduce you to an exclusive selection of cannabis seeds from GreenLabel Seeds, a renowned manufacturer from the heart of Amsterdam. GreenLabel Seeds epitomizes premium quality and offers a curated range of feminized as well as autoflowering cannabis seeds.

You have a choice in packaging size with us: Either 3 seeds or 5 seeds per pack. And the special extra: GreenLabel Seeds always includes a free Automatic Widow seed in every pack. A fantastic opportunity to make your breeding adventures even more exciting and fruitful!

The mission of GreenLabel Seeds is clear and straightforward: Quality comes first. In crossbreeding and developing new varieties, they only choose the most robust and best plants nature has to offer. Taste and potency are the driving factors, backed by stable and uniform genetics ensuring a reliable harvest for you.

The guarantee of freshness and fertility of the seeds is another promise from GreenLabel Seeds. Through regular quality controls with their suppliers and customers, they ensure that you only receive the freshest and most fertile seeds.

The conviction behind GreenLabel Seeds is equally inspiring: They see cannabis as a gift from nature and firmly believe that this plant deserves a better reputation. Its healing and medicinal properties are a blessing, often underestimated and ignored as many governments stigmatize the plant instead of supporting scientific research.

Be convinced by the quality and commitment of GreenLabel Seeds. Discover the wide range of feminized and autoflowering seeds with us, Mr. Hanf, and take home a piece of the renowned Amsterdam breeding expertise. Your breeding will thank you!

We are excited about the partnership with GreenLabel Seeds and look forward to offering you this high-quality seed collection. Expand your breeding with the high-quality seeds from GreenLabel Seeds and experience the outstanding quality and potency we have to offer.

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Ace Silver Haze

Ace Silver Haze

Greenlabel Seeds
Gender Feminized
Crossing Skunk x NL x Haze
Variety Sativa, Indica
Cultivation Outdoor, Indoor, Glasshouse
Flowering time Indoor 73 -77 Days
Impact Unerfahrene Personen sollten aufpassen,
überwältigende und kristallklare High


Show 1 to 1 (of in total 1 products)