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Kañamu Pacha: Earth Substrate for Urban Gardening

Kañamu Pacha

Introduction to Kañamu Pacha

Kañamu Pacha "Hortisol" is the earth substrate for urban gardening and the cultivation of valuable medicinal plants, such as CBD hemp or medical cannabis*, as well as vegetables, fruits, or berries. It is based on the Terra Preta composting technique, which was used thousands of years ago in the Amazon rainforest and brought prosperity and abundant food supply to indigenous peoples. This allows for a complete avoidance of chemical additives, and when used as recommended, there's no need for fertilizers.

Living Organic Soil: The natural solution for easy and high-quality plant growth

The building blocks of nature and the power of (microbial) life are the driving force behind this soil. A potting substrate like a real, nutrient-rich, and living organic soil – only even better...

The benefits:
Makes growing easier than ever!
Achieves the best quality!
Is 100% organic!
Saves the planet!
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Kanamu Pacha Hortisol, 15l

Kanamu Pacha Hortisol, 15l

Kañamu Pacha
Nur mit Regen- oder Leitungswasser gießen, kein Nachdüngen während des gesamten Kultivierungszeitraums
Inhalt:15 L
Marke:Kañamu Pacha
Versandgewicht:12,00 Kg
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