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Ordering a Grow Tent Online

Grow Tent

Grow tents are portable mini greenhouses that can be set up almost anywhere in your home and provide full control over the climate and lighting. They are particularly suitable for the cultivation of cannabis and other plants, as they allow for the creation of ideal growth conditions. There are different types of grow tents that are suitable for different needs and requirements.

Most grow tents are made of a waterproof and lightproof fabric that shields the interior from pests and insects while promoting plant growth. There are also special grow tents for hydroponic cultivation, where the plants are grown in a hydroponic system. These tents usually have an integrated ventilation system and a way to regulate water and nutrients. They are particularly well-suited for the cultivation of cannabis, as they ensure a consistently high humidity and optimal temperature.

If you're interested in purchasing a grow tent, you can easily order one online from various retailers.

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Homebox - Ambient  Q80 PLUS - 80x80x180cm

Homebox - Ambient Q80 PLUS - 80x80x180cm


Größe (montiert): 80 x 80 x 180 cm
Anbaufläche: 0.64 m2

HG Growbox Basic 240 (240x120x200)

HG Growbox Basic 240 (240x120x200)


Dieses Modell ist ausgestattet mit:

Große Türen:
     2 XXL (115 x 180 cm)
     2 Seitentüren (120 x 90 cm)

Unterschiedliche Bohrungen für Kabel und Leitungen:
     6 x doppelter Sockenkanalflansch (32 cm Durchmesser)
     4 x doppelter Sockenkanalflansch (27 cm Durchmesser)
     2 x Kabelflansch (8 cm Durchmesser)

     2 Lufteinlassgitter von 60x25 cm

1x Montageanleitungen.

Homebox/ HomeLab 80 (80x80x180)

Homebox/ HomeLab 80 (80x80x180)


Größe (montiert): 80 x 80 x 180 cm
Anbaufläche: 0,64 m2

3 x 130 mm für eine unkomplizierte und stabile Montage eines Luftzirkulations-Systems, flexibel justierbar.

Kabel-Tubes: 2 x 100 mm
Innen: erstklassige silberne Reflexionsfläche
Außen: schwarzes, wasserdichtes und Lichtundurchlässiges Polyestergewebe

Weitere Features
2 glasklare Sichtfenster, vollständig verschließbar
3 passive Luftein- und auslässe mit eingenähtem Feinsieb-Insektenschutzgitter und abnehmbaren Verschlusselementen. Das feinmaschige Netzmaterial mit einer Maschenweite von nur 700 Mikrometer bietet maximalen Schutz vor Schädlingen.

Empfohlene Beleuchtung
250 Watt

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Another important function of grow tents is lighting. There are different types of lighting systems that are suitable for plant cultivation, such as HPS lamps, LED lamps, or fluorescent lamps. It is important to choose the right lighting system to ensure that your plants receive enough light to grow healthy and strong. For example, HPS lamps are particularly well-suited for the growth and flowering phases of cannabis plants, while LED lamps are more durable and energy-efficient. Fluorescent lamps are another popular choice, as they are cost-effective and easy to install. It is important to note that the different lighting systems have different requirements regarding heat production and power supply, so it is advisable to consult with an expert to select the best system for your needs.