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pH & EC Meters & Controllers

pH & EC Meters & Controllers

The "pH & EC Meters & Controllers" category includes a selection of precise and reliable instruments specifically developed for cannabis cultivation. These devices are essential to ensure optimal growth conditions for cannabis plants and to maximize the quality and yield of the harvest.

  1. pH Meters: The pH level of the water or nutrient solution affects the plant's ability to absorb nutrients. Therefore, a balanced pH level is crucial for the healthy growth of cannabis. With the pH meters offered in this category, growers can precisely measure and adjust the pH level as needed.

  2. EC Meters: The electrical conductivity (EC) provides information about the salt content in a solution. It's important for cannabis to monitor the EC value to ensure the plants are not over- or under-nourished. A too high EC value can lead to nutrient burns, while a too low value can result in deficiencies.

  3. Controllers: In addition to the meters, we also offer controllers that can automatically regulate pH and EC values. These devices are particularly useful for larger cultivation systems or for gardeners who wish to automate the process.