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Manufacturer:White Label Seeds
Product no.:WLS-122
Shipping time:about 3 - 5 days
Gender Feminized
Variety 35% Sativa, 65% Indica
Cultivation Outdoor, Indoor, Glasshouse
Flowering time7 Weeks
Yield indoors 600 g/m2
Indoor height 90 cm
Outdoor height 120 cm





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Products description

Skunk #1 by White Label, amazing combination of stone and high!

The strain that changed the entire cannabis culture and has delighted weed lovers for more than a quarter of a century is now available as a feminized seed line!

The exceptional potency of this branch of the cannabis family is so notorious that"skunk" is often used as a generic term for powerful ganjas. Breeders see the Skunk #1 the benchmark for consistent, reliable performance, and its solid gene pool has influenced arguably hundreds of modern hybrids. The great results and abundant harvests of Skunk #1 make the true meaning of hybrid power clear to everyone. Both growth and flowering appear in fairly typical Indica fashion, although Skunk plants gain more height during flowering than pure Indicas.

Flowering starts very quickly, and Skunk #1 produces strong enough stems and shoots to support its massive yields. In short intervals between branching, the shoots expand into compact, rounded formations of buds that develop into massive, heavy colas by harvest time.

The sativa genes of Skunk #1 show a slight influence on the structure of the flowers, as well as a wonderful effect on their effect - an amazing combination of stone and high!

Customer reviews:

 am 27.06.2021    Evaluation: 5 of 5 Stars!
I am very satisfied, I will recommend them to others and will also rebuild them again, in any case they are very easy to care for and undemanding, they flower very quickly and develop magnificently

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