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Manufacturer:Mephisto Genetics
Product no.:MEPHG-8355
Shipping time:about 5 - 7 days
CrossbreedSkywalker x 3 Bears OG
VarietyIndica dominant
CultivationOutdoor, Indoor, Greenhouse
Flowering Time8 to 10 weeks from germination to harvest
THCNo data
Yield OutdoorLow (<200 g per plant)
Height OutdoorShort (less than 100 cm)
Taste & AromaEarthy





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Products description

3Wok OG Auto by Mephisto Genetics

Discover the fascinating world of cultivation with 3Wok OG Auto from Mephisto Genetics, a plant that will captivate you from start to finish. This strain is characterized by its bushy and dense growth pattern, gaining some height from Skywalker, which is not typically seen in the more compact 3 Bears OG. To optimally distribute the flower load, we recommend the use of Low Stress Training (LST).

The blend of Skywalker's finesse with the robustness of our 3 Bears OG creates an ideal combination of beauty and resilience. This Indica-dominant hybrid impresses with a generous yield, and the quality of the yield is absolutely top-notch. The plant remains pleasantly small with a height of under 100 cm, making it ideal for cultivation in limited spaces.

During the flowering time, 3Wok OG Auto is flexible and adapts to your needs, with an automatic flowering time of 8 to 10 weeks. The aromas this strain develops are deep and earthy, promising a sensual and intense cultivation experience. The feminized seeds ensure easy handling and efficient results.

Although no exact data on the THC content are available, you can expect a strong and distinctive effect typical for Indica-dominant strains. The outdoor yield may seem modest with less than 200 grams per plant, but the quality of the yield more than compensates for this.

3Wok OG Auto is the result of a cross between Skywalker and 3 Bears OG, giving it unique characteristics. This strain is perfect for anyone looking for a balanced combination of easy handling, top-notch quality, and an impressive array of aromas.

3Wok OG Auto
3Wok OG Auto
3Wok OG Auto
3Wok OG Auto

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