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Manufacturer:Xtreme Seeds
Product no.:XTR-8511
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CrossbreedingAfghani x Black Ryder 98 (Black Domina 98 x High Ryder)
strainIndica Dominant
Flowering time90 - 95 days from germination to harvest
Indoor height1 to 2.20 meters
Outdoor height1 to 2.20 meters
Outdoor yield100 to 500 grams per plant
Indoor yieldNot specified (probably only suitable for outdoor due to size)
Flavor & aromaKush, sweet, complex
EffectNarcotic, strong, physical, relaxing





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Auto Super Big Afghan Shadow by Xtreme Seeds

The Auto Super Big Afghan Shadow from Xtreme Seeds represents a new era in the world of autoflowering strains. This gigantic indica-dominant plant comes from a cross between Afghani and Black Ryder 98 ASB and takes around 90 to 95 days from germination to harvest. It is considered one of the strongest and most sedative strains in the Auto Super Big series.

Depending on the time of sowing, the plants reach an impressive height of between one and over two meters and produce high-quality yields of 100 to 500 grams per plant. The flowers are large, compact and typical of high-quality indica genetics.

Afghan Shadow ASB is easy to grow thanks to its vigorous growth and robust hybrid vigor. Its appearance and morphology are similar to those of large photoperiod plants. In terms of flavor, it offers a classic Kush experience inherited from its parent strains (Afghani and Black Domina) - sweet, complex and distinctive.

This strain is not only known for its exceptional flavor, but also for its strong narcotic effect which makes it an ideal choice for medicinal applications for pain, anxiety or stress. In addition, its high resin content also makes it excellent for extractions such as BHO or dry or ice hash.

Auto Super Big (ASB) by Xtreme Seeds represents a new, innovative type of autoflowering plant developed by our breeders. These plants have longer growth cycles and can reach a considerable size depending on the cultivation method, sowing time and experience of the grower. Ideal for outdoor growing, they deliver exceptional yields and quality, comparable to photoperiod plants, and are particularly suitable for colder regions with short summers.

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