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Manufacturer:Khalifa Genetics
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CrossbreedN. Afghani Landrace
CultivationOutdoor, Indoor
Flowering Time Indoor9 - 11 Weeks
Flowering Time OutdoorNot Specified
Yield OutdoorMedium to High
Yield IndoorMedium to High
Height IndoorNot Specified
Height OutdoorNot Specified
CBD:THCVaries, including 1:1
EffectRelaxing, Stress Relief, without Couchlock
Taste & AromaFruity Lime, Earthy, Burnt Rubber
PropertiesSelection against Hermaphrodites, Moderate Nutrient Requirement





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Products description

Balkh Hashplant Reg. by Khalifa Genetics

Discover the exotic world of the Balkh Hashplant Reg. by Khalifa Genetics, an authentic landrace strain originating from the dry region of Balkh, North Afghanistan. This robust plant, known for its versatility and historical significance in hashish production, offers you an unparalleled cultivation experience.

With its North Afghan roots, the Balkh Hashplant is distinguished by its remarkable adaptability to dry climatic conditions, making it perfect for growers working in similar environments. Its photoperiodic flowering allows you to determine the perfect time for harvest. The flowering period ranges from 9 to 11 weeks, allowing for flexible planning. As a regular seed type, it provides both male and female plants, ideal for breeders interested in further genetic development.

The Balkh Hashplant is the result of careful selection to minimize hermaphroditic tendencies and weaknesses, making it particularly suitable for indoor cultivation. With moderate feeding, it responds with medium to high yields, depending on the specific phenotype. A unique feature of this strain is that about 10% of the plants develop a distinctive black coloring during the flowering phase.

In its flavor profile, the Balkh Hashplant combines fruity lime notes with earthy accents and a hint of burnt rubber, giving it a unique aroma. The effects of this strain vary in strength, but are generally relaxing and stress-relieving, without putting you in a state of "couch-lock." Some phenotypes are characterized by high THC content, while others have high CBD levels or a balanced ratio of THC to CBD, making it interesting for a variety of users and medical purposes.

If you're looking for a strain that offers both historical charm and versatile cultivation possibilities, the Balkh Hashplant Reg. by Khalifa Genetics is the ideal choice for you. Whether you're an experienced grower or just starting out, this strain is sure to impress!

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Balkh Hashplant Reg.
Balkh Hashplant Reg.
Balkh Hashplant Reg.
Balkh Hashplant Reg.

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