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Manufacturer:Original Sensible Seeds
Product no.:OSSC-8298
Shipping time:about 5 - 7 days
CrossbreedingGelato x OG Kush x XL Auto
VarietyPredominantly Indica
CultivationOutdoor, Indoor
Flowering time65-70 days
Indoor yield550-650 g/m2
Outdoor yield150 g per plant
THC25 %
Flavor & aromaCream, berry, citrus notes
EffectSatisfying body stone, relaxing, dreamlike





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Products description

Black Orchid Auto by Original Sensible Seeds

Black Orchid Auto from Original Sensible Seeds is a masterpiece of indica dominance that presents the unique Black Orchid in a fast-flowering, automatic variety. This latest addition to Original Sensible Seeds' innovative autoflowering collection, created from the cross of Gelato x OG Kush x XL Auto represents their most potent indica autoflower to date. From seed to harvest in less than 10 weeks, Black Orchid Auto offers a bountiful harvest of succulent buds covered in THC trichomes that almost look like a snowstorm.

Indoors, a yield of 550 to 650 g/m² can be easily achieved, while outdoors around 150 g per plant can be harvested. The delicious, creamy berry flavors and citrus notes are simply irresistibly sweet and fruity. The taste and smell are also dominated by cream, berry and citrus notes, offering a real feast for the senses.

But the most impressive feature of Black Orchid Auto is its effect. With a THC content of 25% you immediately experience an impressive high, followed by a satisfying body high that transports you to a relaxed, dreamy chill-out zone. For lovers of modern, automatic genetics looking for a deeply relaxing experience, Black Orchid Auto is the ideal choice. This strain promises an exceptional experience, both in terms of aroma and effect, and will keep you coming back for more.

Whether you are an experienced grower or just starting out, Black Orchid Auto is an excellent choice that will give you an impressive harvest in just 65 to 70 days delivers. Her predominantly indica dominance makes her a perfect candidate for relaxing evenings and deep, calming moments. Discover a world of premium autoflowering indica strains with Black Orchid Auto, which sets new standards in both cultivation and effect.

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