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Manufacturer:Mephisto Genetics
Product no.:MEPHG-8373
Shipping time:about 2 - 4 days
CrossStrawberry Nuggets x Orange Diesel
CultivationOutdoor, Indoor
Flowering Time65 - 75 days from germination to harvest
Height Indoor50 - 80 cm
Height Outdoor50 - 80 cm
Yield Outdoor70 - 100 g per plant
EffectCalming, meditative
Taste & AromaFuel, Fruity, Orange, Strawberry





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Deez Nuggs Auto by Mephisto Genetics

Discover the extraordinary world of Deez Nuggs Auto by Mephisto Genetics, an indica-dominant, autoflowering variety known for its intense fruity aroma, with a special focus on oranges and strawberries. This variety, a dream for extract makers, is created from crossing Strawberry Nuggets and Orange Diesel. It's renowned for its high resin production and the abundance of terpenes, making it an excellent choice for fans of extracts and concentrates.

These plants remain very compact and bushy both indoors and outdoors, with a growth height of only 50 to 80 cm. The lifecycle of this variety is relatively short, totaling only 65 to 75 days from germination to harvest. Each plant can yield between 70 and 100 grams. The buds are dense, and the number of developed bud sites can be optimized through Low Stress Training (LST) or clever leaf plucking for better light coverage.

The terpenes of Deez Nuggs are characterized by fuel and fruit notes, with gas, oranges, and strawberries at the forefront. The effect gradually sets in and is both calming and meditative. Therapeutically, it is recommended for relieving pain and discomfort. Although specific THC content information is lacking, this variety likely delivers a strong experience due to its genetic makeup and resin production.

Deez Nuggs Auto is particularly suitable for cool climates and for growing environments with limited space due to its compact size and fast growth cycle. Its characteristics make it an excellent choice for those looking for a robust, low-maintenance, high-quality autoflowering variety suitable for both personal use and professional extraction purposes.

Deez Nuggs Auto
Deez Nuggs Auto

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