Grapes 'n' Cream FAST - Atlas Seed

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Manufacturer:Atlas Seed
Product no.:ATLA-8423
Shipping time:about 5 - 7 days
Gender Feminized
Crossbreeding Grapes 'n' Cream x Cotton Candy Auto
strain hybrid
Cultivation Photoperiod
Flowering time indoor 65 days
Flowering time outdoor Mid-September
Outdoor yield Up to 450 gr/plant
Indoor yield Up to 300 gr/m²
Indoor height 100 cm
Outdoor height Short to medium
Harvest time September
Climate Dry
THC 20% - 28%
CBD Not specified
Effect Highly potent, not recommended for beginners
Flavor & Aroma Berry, Concord grapes, Bing cherries, creamy vanilla





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Products description

Grapes 'n' Cream FAST by Atlas Seed

Discover the extraordinary Grapes 'n' Cream FAST variety, a creation of Atlas Seed that takes you into the world of first-class cannabis genetics. This balanced hybrid strain combines the best characteristics of indica and sativa, offering a fast flowering time and amazing THC potency. The plants remain relatively small, reaching a height of around 100cm, ideal for growing in confined spaces or discreet gardens.

The cross between Grapes 'n' Cream and Cotton Candy Auto results in a strain that is not only fast growing, but also has impressive mold resistance. With a THC content of up to 28%, this strain is particularly suitable for experienced consumers looking for a strong effect. Outdoor harvests take place in mid-September if the plant is sown in mid-May, with yields of around 450 gr per plant outdoors or 300 gr/m² indoors after a 65-day flowering period.

You will be amazed by the flavors and scents of this strain. The buds are characterized by a strong berry aroma, with dominant notes of Concord grapes and Bing cherries. The flowers are rich with frosty trichomes, and the smoke leaves an unmistakable creamy vanilla aftertaste. This also makes Grapes 'n' Cream FAST excellent for making extracts.

This hybrid offers a fast and efficient solution for growers who value quality and speed. Its robustness and adaptability to dry climates make it a reliable choice for growers of all experience levels. However, it should be noted that caution is advised due to its high THC content, especially for inexperienced users.

Wait no longer and experience the unique combination of taste, effect and ease of cultivation. Grapes 'n' Cream FAST by Atlas Seed is the ideal choice for connoisseurs looking for a first-class strain with outstanding properties. Start your growing adventure with this stunning strain now!

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