Northern Cheese Haze Car - Mephisto Genetics

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Manufacturer:Mephisto Genetics
Product no.:MEPHG-8407
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CrossbreedExodus Cheese x Northern Lights #5/Haze F2 (cutting) x Fantasmo Express F4 Regular auto
CultivationModerate foliage, good light penetration, multiple branching
Flowering TimeAutoflowering
THCHigh (16-24%)
EffectFrom daydreaming to couch-lock, powerful
Taste & AromaSpicy, musky, cheese
PropertiesPotent hybrid with medicinal properties, compact structure, firm flowers





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Northern Cheese Haze Auto by Mephisto Genetics

Discover the impressive world of cannabis seeds with Northern Cheese Haze Auto by Mephisto Genetics. This potent hybrid strain, proudly derived from the crossbreeding of Exodus Cheese, Northern Lights #5/Haze F2, and Fantasmo Express F4 Regular Auto, offers not only medicinal properties but also an unparalleled cultivation experience. Its genetic heritage guarantees a unique blend of flavors and effects that will delight both experienced and new growers alike.

The growth of this feminized autoflower strain is remarkable. With its vigorous seedling growth and widely spaced internodes, it forms a lush, multi-branched plant with minimal foliage. This allows for excellent light penetration, simplifying cultivation. The strain develops different phenotypes, from compact, short buds to elongated variants, always with a solid structure and enticing, firm buds. The scent during growth is subtle but unfolds into a spicy, cheesy aroma upon touch.

A distinctive feature of Northern Cheese Haze Auto is its high THC content, ranging from 16% to 24%. This strain is perfect for temperate climates and flowers automatically. The buds are dense and may develop small, compact foxtails. A sample tested by Canna showed an impressive cannabinoid content of 21.07%, indicating the high potential of this strain.

The smoking experience is equally exceptional. Northern Cheese Haze Auto offers a potent effect, ranging from daydreaming to relaxing numbness. Its unique flavors combine an exquisite blend of cheese, spices, and subtle earthy notes. Whether used as a medicinal aid or for moments of tranquility and relaxation, this strain is a must-have for lovers of quality and taste.

Northern Cheese Haze Auto
Northern Cheese Haze Auto

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