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Manufacturer:Mephisto Genetics
Product no.:MEPHG-8388
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CrossbreedForum Stomper Auto x Orange Diesel Auto
TypeSativa dominant
CultivationOutdoor, Indoor, Greenhouse
Flowering Time70 - 80 days from germination to harvest
Yield Outdoor75 - 125 g per plant
Height Indoor60 - 90 cm
Height Outdoor60 - 90 cm





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Products description

Orange Biscuits Auto by Mephisto Genetics

Discover the colorful world of cannabis cultivation with Orange Biscuits Auto by Mephisto Genetics. This Sativa-dominant autoflower strain (60%) is the result of crossing Forum Stomper and Orange Diesel Auto. As an F3 hybrid, Orange Biscuits Auto combines the dense buds of Orange Diesel with the sticky resin of Forum Stomper.

Orange Biscuits Auto is a resilient and easy-to-grow strain, but beware – it emits an intense smell! Therefore, it is advisable to replace the carbon filters before starting to cultivate this strain. These plants are relatively compact, reaching a height of 60 to 90 cm. From seed to harvest, they require 70 to 80 days and yield 75 to 125 grams per plant.

Whether grown indoors or outdoors, Orange Biscuits Auto impresses with an imposing color show in autumnal hues during the later flowering phase. The strain is excellent for making extracts, thanks to the high terpene and resin production.

The terpenes strongly emphasize orange scents and flavors with a creamy note. The effect is very energetic, uplifting, cerebral, and makes you giggle. It's not a strain for late evening if you want to sleep. Therapeutically, it's recommended for stress and depression relief.

In summary, Orange Biscuits Auto by Mephisto Genetics is an excellent choice for growers looking for an energetic, cheerful experience and a strain that is perfect for making extracts.

Product Features

farming methods:
High Stress Training (HST), Low Stress Training (LST), SCROG
Orange Biscuits Auto
Orange Biscuits Auto

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