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Manufacturer:Mephisto Genetics
Product no.:MEPHG-8381
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CrossPanama x Deepchunk (Ace/Cannabiogen) x Pink Sativa Breeding Auto
TypeSativa dominant
CultivationOutdoor, Indoor, Greenhouse
Flowering Time60 - 70 days from germination to harvest
Flowering Time - Harvest8 - 10 weeks from germination to harvest
Height Indoor60 - 90 cm
Height Outdoor60 - 90 cm
Yield Outdoor90 - 120 g per plant
Yield Indoor90 - 120 g/m2
EffectBalanced euphoria, relaxation, sleepiness
Taste & AromaDark chocolate, earth, wood, citrus
PropertiesResin-rich, colored flowers, fast flowering time
EffectTherapeutic for depression, stress, pain relief





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Products description

Pink Panama Auto by Mephisto Genetics

Discover the unique world of Pink Panama Auto, an outstanding product from Mephisto Genetics. This sativa-dominant strain impresses with its remarkable resin production and a complex terpene profile that transports you into a world of exquisite flavors. The genetic creation, a cross between Panama x Deepchunk from Ace Seeds and Cannabiogen with a Pink Sativa Breeding Auto from around 2011, is characterized by a fascinating ancestry that is interesting for both demanding growers and connoisseurs alike.

The growth structure of Pink Panama Auto is particularly noteworthy. With a columnar shape and thin, serrated leaves, this strain adapts excellently to various growing environments. In smaller pots, the plant remains rather compact (60 - 90 cm), ideal for Sea-of-Green setups, while in larger pots it grows into a larger and bushier plant. The main cola, surrounded by a crown of lower buds that densify upon drying, provides an visually appealing appearance. Especially in the late flowering phase, impressive pink and purple tones develop, combined with a heavy white resin layer - a real eye-catcher!

The flowering time of this autoflowering strain is 60 - 70 days, with an average yield of 90 - 120 grams per plant. The resin production is so pronounced that it is particularly suitable for Rosin extraction (pressing). The scent is a fascinating interplay of dark coffee, plum, and musk, while the flavor combines dark chocolate with earthy, woody, and citrus notes. The effect is potent, a balanced euphoria that transitions into a sleepy, warm warmth – ideal for therapeutic applications for depression, stress, and pain relief.

Choose Pink Panama Auto for an unparalleled experience that addresses both the mind and body. With its sativa-dominant nature, exceptional colors, and balanced effect, this strain is an excellent choice for connoisseurs and therapeutic users alike.

Product Features

Depressions, Pain, Stress
Pink Panama Auto
Pink Panama Auto
Pink Panama Auto
Pink Panama Auto

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