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Product no.:SST-8348
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Gender Feminized
Crossbreed Tangie x OG Kush Auto
Type Sativa
Cultivation Indoor, Outdoor
Lifecycle 10-11 weeks from germination to harvest
THC 23 - 26 %
Taste & Aroma Creamy Sweet
Effect Happy Chill
Yield Huge
Experience Beginner





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Rucu Cucu OG Auto by SeedStockers

Rucu Cucu OG Auto by SeedStockers is a unique autoflower version of the legendary Rucu Cucu OG. This strain was developed in collaboration with El Mero Mero and is a real highlight for cannabis enthusiasts. It combines the Tangie phenotype, known from the feminized version, with the high-yielding OG Kush Auto from the SeedStockers seed collection.

Thanks to targeted selection and crossbreeding of the original OG Kush F5 with one of the largest Ruderalis from our gene pool, Rucu Cucu OG Auto offers a robust structure, high THC content, and fewer Ruderalis traits. It is characterized by its easy cultivation method. Using rich soil, enriched with 30/50% coconut fibers, supports vigorous root growth and maximizes harvest quality.

Rucu Cucu OG Auto impresses with its terpenes, reminiscent of tangerines and intense, gassy smells. Its buds are compact and impressively frosty. Under optimal conditions, the THC content can reach 25%! A true masterpiece for collectors and connoisseurs looking for a plant with extraordinary characteristics.

Whether outdoors, indoors, or in a greenhouse, Rucu Cucu OG Auto is versatile in cultivation. Indoors, it takes about 10 weeks from seedling to harvest, outdoors or in a greenhouse, it may take a week longer. For best results, we recommend a pot size of at least 11 liters and a lighting time of 20 hours. This plant not only offers an impressive harvest but also an unforgettable smoking experience: first euphoric and creativity-enhancing, followed by a relaxing wave.

The flowering time of Rucu Cucu OG Auto is about 10-11 weeks, ideal for growers who want a quick and abundant harvest. With its Sativa dominance, high THC levels (23 - 26%), and creamy sweet taste, it is perfect for those who want a plant with a "Happy Chill" effect. Even beginners in cultivation will enjoy this strain!

Rucu Cucu OG Auto
Rucu Cucu OG Auto
Rucu Cucu OG Auto

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