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Manufacturer:Mephisto Genetics
Product no.:MEPHG-8393
Shipping time:about 10 - 14 days
CrossYeti OG (Loompafarms from seed) x 3 Bears OG
VarietySativa, Indica, Ruderalis
CultivationOutdoor, Indoor, Greenhouse
Flowering Time70-75 days from germination to harvest





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Samsquanch OG Auto by Mephisto Genetics

Meet Samsquanch OG Auto from Mephisto Genetics, a strain that impresses with its vitality and excellent yield performance. Its genetics originate from Yeti OG (Loompafarms from seeds) crossed with 3 Bears OG, producing a robust and high-yielding plant. Samsquanch OG Auto is distinguished by its ability to form numerous colas densely packed with flowers. These flowers grow compact, but your bush will be full of them. Given enough space, it will grow both in height and width.

This strain is adaptable and excellently suited for training techniques. It definitely benefits from careful canopy management and thinning of inner or lower flower sites that receive little light. Due to its additional growth, it needs about 70-75 days from germination to the completion of its cycle. However, the results are worth the extra waiting time. For us, it ranks among the best in taste, especially if you are into the OG funk.

Samsquanch OG Auto is an autoflowering, feminized strain, ideal for temperate climates. Although no exact THC values are available, it is known to provide an excellent profile for concentrate production. Its robustness and productivity make it an excellent choice for growers who value quality and quantity.

If you are looking for a strain with exceptional taste and a strong OG character, then Samsquanch OG Auto from Mephisto Genetics is the perfect choice for you. Its impressive adaptability and the rich harvest it promises make it a must-have in your cultivation portfolio. Experience the fascination of this powerful and aromatic strain. Get your Samsquanch OG Auto now and start a new cultivation adventure!

Samsquanch OG Auto
Samsquanch OG Auto

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