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Manufacturer:Mephisto Genetics
Product no.:MEPHG-8398
Shipping time:about 2 - 4 days
CrossGrapeStomper OG (Gage Green Genetics) x Sour Crack F5
VarietyIndica/Sativa Hybrid
CultivationOutdoor, Indoor, Greenhouse
Flowering TimeAutomatic from germination to harvest
EffectPleasant High
CharacteristicsSpecial strain, result of careful selection





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Sour Stomper Auto by Mephisto Genetics

Experience the exceptional Sour Stomper Auto from Mephisto Genetics, a special strain that emerged from meticulous selection work. The original cross consisted of a particularly grapey phenotype of Sour Crack and an outstanding male Grapestomper OG from Gage Green. The F1 generation was developed by GBD and then passed on to Mephisto Genetics to transform it into a fully autoflowering strain. Sour Stomper Auto is among the top 3 auto strains at Mephisto Genetics, with plans already in place for a BX (Backcross) to continue the Sour Stomper line in the future.

This Indica/Sativa hybrid strain offers a delightful high. Sour Stomper Auto is distinguished by its genetic parent lines: GrapeStomper OG (Gage Green Genetics) x Sour Crack F5. This combination has produced a plant known both for its flavors and its effects. Although no exact THC data is available, it is known to possess impressive potency.

The plant is suitable for temperate climates and is an autoflowering, feminized strain. Sour Stomper Auto is ideal for growers looking for a balance between quality and ease of handling. Its even growth and rapid flowering make it an ideal choice for growers with limited space or those who wish to see quick results.

If you're searching for a strain that is unique in both flavor and effect, then Sour Stomper Auto from Mephisto Genetics is the perfect choice. Its impressive lineage and the quality it offers both in cultivation and consumption make it an indispensable strain for any cannabis enthusiast. Discover the world of excellent flavors and effects that Sour Stomper Auto has to offer. Order now and experience the special high this strain has to offer!

Sour Stomper Auto
Sour Stomper Auto
Sour Stomper Auto
Sour Stomper Auto

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