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Manufacturer:Mephisto Genetics
Product no.:MEPHG-8401
Shipping time:about 10 - 14 days
CrossSuper Lemon Haze (BCN cut) x S.O.D.K. F5
VarietySativa dominant
Cultivation MethodAutoflowering
Flowering Time70 - 80 days from germination to harvest
Yield90 - 150 gr/plant
THC ContentNot specified
EffectCheerful and stimulating; can be numbing with increased consumption
Taste & AromaCitrus, Lemon, Sweet-Sour
Therapeutic RecommendationDepression, Stress





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Products description

Super Orange Haze Auto by Mephisto Genetics

Experience the unique power of Super Orange Haze Auto, a sativa-dominant gem from Mephisto Genetics. This F4 cross is a result of Super Lemon Haze (BCN cut) and S.O.D.K. F5, presenting itself as a large autoflowering plant. With its vigorous main cola, surrounded by smaller, bud-covered branches, it is a true spectacle in any garden.

This strain takes about 70 to 80 days from seed to harvest. Although it is sativa-dominant, its leaves appear dark green and broad in the vegetative phase, similar to those of indica strains. However, in the flowering stage, it develops more sativa-like characteristics, with lighter, thinner leaves. Super Orange Haze is not particularly demanding to grow and yields between 90 and 150 grams per plant of top-quality flowers. Its high resin content makes it ideal for extractions.

You will be delighted by its scent and taste – a lemony, sweet-sour note accompanied by a refreshing citrus aroma. The effect of this strain is cheerful and uplifting, but can lead to a strong buzz with increased consumption. Therapeutically, it is especially recommended for depression and stress. With its sativa predominance, Super Orange Haze Auto is particularly well-suited for dry climates.

Although no exact THC data are available, Super Orange Haze Auto is known to produce a strong effect. It is perfect for those looking for an invigorating, mood-enhancing, and at the same time relaxing experience. Be convinced by the extraordinary genetics and high quality of the flowers. Super Orange Haze Auto from Mephisto Genetics is an excellent choice for connoisseurs and therapeutic users alike.

Super Orange Haze Auto
Super Orange Haze Auto
Super Orange Haze Auto

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