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Manufacturer:Atlas Seed
Product no.:ATLA-8439
Shipping time:about 5 - 7 days
CrossbreedingMac1 x Sour Diesel x Red Runtz
Flowering time indoor8-10 weeks
Outdoor yieldUp to 750 gr/plant
Indoor yieldUp to 600 gr/m2
THCVery high (25%+)
Taste & AromaEarthy





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Products description

Super Sour Runtz by Atlas Seed

Say hello to the latest sensation from Atlas Seed the Super Sour Runtz - a unique masterpiece of cannabis breeding. Proudly carrying on the legacy of Ron Herrington of Gold Hat Seeds, this triple hybrid strain combines the power and uniqueness of Sour Diesel, Red Runtz and Mac1 in one plant. Hailing from Alberta, Canada, a world of intense flavors and impressive THC production unfolds here.

Super Sour Runtz stands out with its dark, herbal and sour terpene profile. The strain impresses with its dense bud structure, which gives it an outstanding appearance. Although the variety is known for its high yield is known for its high yield, caution is advised as it can be susceptible to mold growth in late flowering stages during rainy events. This makes it both a challenge and a pleasure for experienced growers.

The flowering time of this photoperiod feminized strain is between 8 and 10 weeks, with high yields both indoors and outdoors. Indoors you can expect 450-600 grams per square meter, while outdoors up to 750 grams per plant are possible. Super Sour Runtz is an F1 generation and has a medium resistance to mold, which underlines its adaptability.

The characteristic aroma and taste of Super Sour Runtz, characterized by earthy notes, makes it a top choice for connoisseurs. Equally impressive is the effect - a strong cerebral high coupled with a relaxing physical effect. These qualities make Super Sour Runtz not only an excellent choice for recreational users, but also a potentially valuable strain for therapeutic applications.

Discover the world of high-class cannabis genetics with Super Sour Runtz by Atlas Seed. Its diverse qualities, from its aromatic profile to its powerful effect, make it the perfect choice for discerning growers and connoisseurs. Experience the fascination of this unique strain - now available to grow in your garden!

Super Sour Runtz
Super Sour Runtz

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