Tropical Cooler - Atlas Seed

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Manufacturer:Atlas Seed
Product no.:ATLA-8442
Shipping time:about 3 - 5 days
Gender Feminized
Crossbreeding Mythic OG x Field Cookies x Gravenstein
strain Indica dominant
Cultivation Indoor/Outdoor
Flowering time 75 days from sowing to harvest
Outdoor yield 80 - 125 gr/plant
Indoor height Up to 100 cm
Climate Temperate
THC 16 - 26%
CBD 0.177%
effect Potent
Flavor & aroma Currants, Candied citrus fruits, Fuel





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Products description

Tropical Cooler from Atlas Seed

Immerse yourself in the exotic world of the Tropical Cooler a creation of the renowned Atlas Seed . This sativa-dominant strain is known for its vigor and exceptionally high THC production. A cross that transports you directly to a white sandy beach with a fruity cocktail in your hand with its intense terpenes.

The genetic combination of Purple Punch and Blue Dream S2 produces an aromatic blend reminiscent of a fruit salad, with a strong pineapple tilt, complemented by the blueberry and sandalwood notes of the Blue Dream S2 . The plant reaches a considerable size and achieves correspondingly high yields, both indoors and outdoors. The visual appeal is enhanced by the above-average frostiness of both stems, which makes this variety particularly attractive.

The Tropical Cooler is a feminized strain and requires a photoperiod to flower. With a flowering time of 9 to 11 weeks, it belongs to the F1 generations with high mold resistance. The THC content is very high, over 25%, resulting in an impressive and long-lasting experience.

The aroma is an enticing combination of floral and fruity notes that reflect the flavor profile of a tropical island. Whether for experienced growers or novices, this strain offers a rewarding growing experience with impressive yields and an unforgettable taste sensation. Ideal for those looking for a strain with high potency and an exquisite terpene profile.

Experience the fascinating world of Tropical Cooler and let yourself be seduced by its unique character. A variety that not only impresses with its potency and aroma, but also with its visual beauty and high yield. An enrichment for every garden and a must-have for lovers of exotic cannabis strains.

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