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Manufacturer:Atlas Seed
Product no.:ATLA-8445
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CrossbreedingApples & Bananas x Mendo Breath
strainIndica dominant (60% Indica / 40% Sativa)
Flowering time indoor9+ weeks
Outdoor yieldUp to 650 gr/plant
Indoor yieldUp to 500 gr/m2
Indoor heightUp to 90 cm
THC20 - 28%
Flavor & aromaRipe bananas, sour apples, vanilla, black pepper, diesel





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Products description

Whale Breath by Atlas Seed

Discover the power and beauty of Whale Breath a masterpiece from Atlas Seed . This compact, indica-dominant strain stands out for its very high THC potential and excellent yields. Whale Breath is a cross between the Apples & Bananas and Mendo Breath strains, with a ratio of 60% indica to 40% sativa, and offers a THC concentration of an impressive 20 - 28%.

With a moderate resistance to mould, Whale Breath Feminized grows to a height of around 90 cm. The plant is characterized by dense, resinous flowers and bright green leaves. Particular attention should be paid to moisture control during the late flowering phase. The flowering time is over 9 weeks, with indoor harvests of up to 500 gr/m² and outdoor harvests of up to 650 gr per plant.

Whale Breath's unique flavor profile includes ripe banana, sour apple, vanilla, black pepper and diesel fuel, resulting in a sweet and sour taste with a spicy twist. The smell is equally complex and intense, which can effortlessly fill any room. The effect of Whale Breath is strong and long-lasting, ideal for those seeking relaxation. With its indica-dominant nature, it also provides physical relaxation, perfect for chronic pain or muscle tension. Due to its high THC content, moderate use is particularly recommended for cannabis novices.

Whether you are an experienced grower or a beginner, Whale Breath is an excellent choice. The ease of cultivation and high yields make her an attractive option for any cannabis grower. Her unique combination of flavor, effect and ease of cultivation make Whale Breath an unforgettable experience. Let the quality and potency of Whale Breath convince you!

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