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Manufacturer:ACE Seeds
Product no.:ACE-773
Shipping time:about 3 - 5 days
CrossbreedStrawberry x Purpuera Ticinensis
Variety100 % Indica
Flowering Time Indoor7 weeks
Flowering Time OutdoorAugust / Beginning of September
THC0.03-16 %
CBD0.03-16 %
CBGUp to 0.3 %
EffectRelaxing, creative, moderate strength, therapeutic potential
Taste & AromaRoast coffee, pine, moss, damp earth, hash, freshly cut grass, berries
CharacteristicsHigh cold resistance, moderate heat resistance, average pest resistance
Terpene ProfileComplex, rich, mainly monoterpenes (alpha-pinene, trans-ocimene, d-limonene), sesquiterpenes (beta-caryophyllene, cis-nerolidol, alpha-humulene)
Cultivation TipsLong growth phase, moderate nutrients, particularly suited for colder climates





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Products description

Erdpurt Reg. by ACE Seeds

Discover Erdpurt Reg., the outstanding strain from ACE Seeds, perfectly adapted to the challenges of the northern climate. This 100% Indica plant, originating from a cross between Strawberry and Purpuera Ticinensis, is distinguished by its robust and compact structure.

Erdpurt Reg. is characterized by a fast flowering time of only 7 weeks, making it ideal for growers who value efficiency. Its resistance to cold makes it a perfect choice for outdoor cultivation in higher altitudes or northern latitudes. With a THC concentration of 0.03-16% and a CBD concentration in the same range, Erdpurt offers a balanced ratio, ideal for lovers of therapeutic effects and a relaxed Indica effect.

The bouquet of Erdpurt Reg. is a symphony of roasted coffee, pine, moss, moist earth, and freshly cut grass, complemented by fruity notes in colorful phenotypes. The flavor is reminiscent of the exquisite Yarkhun-Pakistan hash, making it a unique choice for connoisseurs.

In terms of cultivation, Erdpurt Reg. is a flexible choice. It thrives in cooler climate zones as well as in moderate temperatures and shows an average resistance to pests and diseases. For optimal yields, ACE Seeds recommends a longer growth phase of at least two months and a moderate nutrient supply throughout the cycle.

With its unique genotype and the ability to adapt to various environmental conditions, Erdpurt Reg. is not only interesting for growers but also for breeders looking for a reliable Indica that is rich in CBD and flowers quickly.

Erdpurt Reg.
Erdpurt Reg.
Erdpurt Reg.
Erdpurt Reg.
Erdpurt Reg.
Erdpurt Reg.
Erdpurt Reg.

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