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Manufacturer:ACE Seeds
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CrossbreedingThai Chiang Mai x Panama
strainSativa (100% Sativa)
Harvest timeEnd of October/beginning of November
Flavor & aromaGreen tea, cured wood, spices, lime, lemon, vanilla cream, incense
EffectEuphoric, psychedelic, dreamy





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Thai x Panama Reg. by ACE Seeds

Discover the exceptional Thai x Panama Reg. by ACE Seeds, an outstanding sativa-dominant hybrid that heralds a new era in the breeding of pure sativas. This exclusive cross combines the outstanding new pure sativa from Chiang Mai, Thailand, with the best parental plants of the last generation from Panama, reaching a new peak in terms of citrus and frankincense aromas, paired with first-class euphoric and psychedelic effects.

This large, vigorous, and well-branched sativa shows the elegant tropical posture of the Thai, while Panama contributes its coveted strong and robust structure. This significantly enhances the production and complexity of resins, terpenes, potency, and effects. The wild Thai genetics are thus adapted to indoor cultures and temperate latitudes, and the flowering time is reduced to very moderate times for a 100% sativa hybrid with eminently tropical genetics.

The aroma of this unparalleled strain is a seductive mix of green tea, cured wood, spices, lime, lemon, vanilla cream, and frankincense. The effect is euphoric, psychedelic, and pleasantly dreamy of the highest quality. THC content is between 14-18%, with a CBG value of 1.51%.

Thai x Panama Reg. can be grown indoors with strong light intensity and enough space for its development. ACE Seeds recommends switching to the flowering phase 15 days after sowing, or starting with already 7 days rooted clones. For the flowering phase indoors, a light cycle of 11 hours of light and 13 hours of darkness is recommended to promote flowering and prevent re-flowering or excessive stretching in the early flowering phase.

Thanks to its excellent lateral yields and vigorous response to pruning, it is ideally suited for SCROG, horizontal, or network growth. Outdoors, it is particularly suitable for cultivation in tropical or subtropical climates, although it also shows very good results in warm coastal climates with a mild autumn (similar to the Mediterranean climate) up to latitudes close to 43º.

ACE Seeds recommends moderate nutrient levels during the growth phase and moderately high at the peak of flower production. The harvest time is the end of October/beginning of November, perfect for growers looking for a variety with fast and efficient production.

Thai x Panama Reg.
Thai x Panama Reg.
Thai x Panama Reg.
Thai x Panama Reg.

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