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Manufacturer:Advanced Seeds
Product no.:ADVC-40
Shipping time:about 5 - 7 days
Crossbreed: Afghani x Skunk
Type: Sativa, Indica
Cultivation: Outdoor, Indoor, Greenhouse
Yield Outdoor: 500 - 700 g per plant
Yield Indoor: 400 g/m2
Height Indoor: 60 - 100 cm
Harvest Time: End of October
THC: 17%





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Products description

Afghan Skunk by Advanced Seeds

Discover the robustness and productivity of Afghan Skunk by Advanced Seeds, a variety known for its adaptability and easy care. This feminized plant combines the best of Afghani and Skunk to offer an experience appreciated by both beginners and experienced growers alike.

The genetics of Afghani x Skunk results in a plant capable of thriving even under adverse conditions. Afghan Skunk is distinguished by its great resilience and the production of large, dense flowers that entice with a potent aroma. Its flowering time is just 8 weeks, with plants in cooler climates capable of displaying impressive red and purple hues.

With a balanced ratio of Sativa and Indica, Afghan Skunk provides a pleasant experience that can be optimized through outdoor, indoor, and greenhouse cultivation methods. Indoors, the plants reach a height of 60-100 cm and yield up to 400 g/m² indoors and 500-700 g per plant outdoors. The harvest time is at the end of October, making cultivation flexible and suitable for various climates.

The aroma inherits the characteristic properties of the Skunk parent, promising a rich and complex scent palette. With a THC content of 17%, Afghan Skunk delivers a potent effect that can be both relaxing and uplifting. This variety is especially recommended for those looking for a reliable and easy-to-grow plant that offers ample rewards.

Choose Afghan Skunk by Advanced Seeds for a cultivation experience that combines simplicity with impressive results. Its resilience, yield potential, and unique colors in cooler climates make it an excellent choice for any cannabis enthusiast.

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