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Gender Feminized
Crossing Black Domina’98 x Jack Herer
Variety Sativa, Indica
Cultivation Outdoor, Indoor, Glasshouse
Flowering time9 Weeks
Yield outdoors 500 - 700 grams per plant
Yield indoors 500 - 600 g/m2
Harvest time Anfang Oktober





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Products description

Black Jack by Sweet Seeds

Black Jack is a feminized and hybrid strain that is balanced 50/50 between sativa and indica and grows with strong stems and branches attached to the central stem, allowing you to place many specimens per m2. In a flowering period of only 60-70 days, it will be covered with resinous flowers that will allow you to obtain good extractions of BHO in addition to a good harvest.

Its organoleptic properties are worthy of the best starred restaurants, characterized by a traditional taste, fresh and very strong smoke, with a sweet background with lemony touches that will love from minute 0 and will put you in a state of animal pleasure .

The effects that Black Jack start with a strong mental boost, with a perfect psychoactivity for lovers, but be careful because this is deceptive, because it is followed by a very animal body relaxation with a strong narcotic effect with which you and the sofa will be one.

It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor crops and its productivity is truly excellent.

Indoors you can harvest between 500 and 600 g per m2, for which I put it in the photoperiod 18 / 6 during the growth phase and then in the flowering phase to 12 / 12 and always using a focus HPS 400w with 9 pots of 11 liters you get the best experience per m2. When the time comes to cut, the smell will be very strong, so get a good anti-odor filter to avoid suspicion.

In outdoor crops, productivity is bestial between 500 and 700 g per plant. Its harvest takes place at the beginning of October, avoiding the rainy season.

Black Jack is already here and you won't soon forget it once you've tasted it. Its old-school flavor or its effects that allow you to live the best of each world is its best presentation letter, dare you?

Cannabis Cup
1st prize - Indoor Hydro - Consumption - Malaga - 2008
2nd prize - Best Hashish - X Revolta Verde - Girona - 2008
3rd prize - Outdoor - V Bitox Cup - Sabadell - 2008
1st Prize - Indoor Hydro - IV Meeting for Standardization and Responsible Consumption - Malaga - 2009
2nd prize - Indoor - Fumaria - Lleida - 2009
3rd prize - Indoor Hydro - 1st Cup THC Skunk - Donostia - 2009
2nd prize - Outdoor - Cata Cup Cannabis Grubber (CCCC) - Argentina - 2012
2nd prize - Indoor Hydro - VII Copa del Gremi Grow-Shops Professionelle Catalunya - Barcelona - La Paz Green - Vilanova del Camí - 2014
2nd prize - Outdoor - Secret Cup Napoli - Naples - Italy - 201

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