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Manufacturer:ACE Seeds
Product no.:ACE-558
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CrossBangi Congo sativa x Congo #3 Sativa x Chitral Indica
Strain75% Sativa, 25% Indica
CultivationOutdoor, Indoor, Greenhouse
Flowering Time10 - 11 weeks
Harvest TimeEnd of October





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Congo Feminized by Ace Seeds

Discover the exotic magic of Africa with Congo feminized by Ace Seeds, a superb hybrid that captures the essence of two Congolese landraces and is refined with a touch of Chitral Indica. This rare combination offers a unique experience that is suitable for both beginners and experienced growers.

This variety is the result of a cross between Bangi Congo sativa, an almost extinct African rarity with fast and compact flowering, and Congo #3 Sativa, known for its exquisite quality and energizing effects. The subtle use of Chitral Indica optimizes height during the final flowering phase, making Congo feminized ideal for indoor cultivation and highlighting its adaptability to various climate zones.

With a Sativa content of 75% and an Indica content of 25%, Congo feminized offers a flowering time of 10-11 weeks and is perfectly prepared for harvest at the end of October. Its adaptability not only makes it suitable for outdoor cultivation, where it thrives in both humid and dry climates, but also for indoor and greenhouse cultivation.

The combination of African landraces with a touch of Indica leads to vigorous growth and a bountiful harvest, ideal for those looking for a variety with excellent adaptability and exceptional yields. Whether you're a fan of Sativa-dominant strains or just want to explore the diversity of the cannabis gene pool, Congo feminized by Ace Seeds is a choice that takes you on an unparalleled journey.

Congo (ACE Seeds)
Congo (ACE Seeds)
Congo (ACE Seeds)
Congo (ACE Seeds)

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