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Manufacturer:Sensi Seeds
Product no.:SS-466
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Gender Feminized
Crossing South African Durban
Variety 90% Sativa, 10% Indica
Cultivation Outdoor, Indoor, Glasshouse
Flowering time  50 - 70 Days
Harvest time Kühles / Kaltes Climate
Impact Narkotische Sativa





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Products description

Durban by Sensi Seeds

This massive, subtropical sativa is named after the South African port city of Durban, and it was the dominant strain of 'Dagga', the stuff that has been growing in the surrounding hills and plains since time immemorial. The genotype is favored by local growers as it offers high yields and consistent, reliable harvests - thousands of kilos of the dark, distinctive Durban buds are produced across the region year after year. The fact that Durban is the largest and most important port in all of Africa helps to ensure that a decent proportion of the harvest reaches consumers on other continents, and that is why the cannabis named after the area is by far the most widely recognized strain in all of Africa.

In its homeland Durban owes its reputation to its lifelong first-class results and its indestructible consistency. Smokers around the world - even those who only know Durban in the form of imported, brutally compressed bricks - appreciate her as a sativa without equal, with a crazy high that sends someone's head into the clouds but sometimes seems to leave their body down on the ground.

Sensi Durban combines all these qualities in a form that thrives just as well in the temperate north as it does in the tropical zones of its original home. Sensi Seeds acclimatized Durban is one of the purest sativa seed lines available today and is totally different from the tall and super-sensitive sativas found closer to the equator. Durban shows heavy buds, is robust and even in really bad summers can produce wonderful harvests of shiny, sticky buds with a very distinct aroma of lime and aniseed.

In its home country, this strain is called 'Durban Poison' (Durban Poison) when it can grow to the limit of its potential. Of course, Durban is just as non-toxic as any other cannabis plant, but because of its absolutely unusual power, and the rush that sets in almost immediately, it is said to have occasionally upset less experienced smokers.

Many people describe a completely unique effect when consuming Durban, which could perhaps be described as a 'narcotic sativa'. In larger doses, Durban can lead to a dreamy, red-eyed high, but it doesn't put the smoker down or make them drowsy, and doesn't act like a sleeping pill, as is the case with comparably strong indicas.

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