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Manufacturer:Kannabia Seeds
Product no.:KABIA-637
Shipping time:about 5 - 7 days
Gender Feminized
Crossing Afghan x Cheese
Variety Sativa, Indica Dominant
Cultivation Outdoor, Indoor, Glasshouse
Flowering time Indoor 55 - 60 Days
Yield outdoors 800 grams per plant
Yield indoors 550 g/m2
Outdoor height 180 - 200 cm
Harvest time Ende September
CBD 0,05%
CBN 0,05%





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Products description

Kiss by Kannabia Seeds

A strain with a lot of recognition in the English speaking cannabis market. Due to the great demand and success that Kannabia Seeds has had in the Anglo-Saxon market, Kannabia Seeds wanted to study this seed in more detail and improve its production.

It is a plant that adapts very well to the Spanish climate and whose strength lies in its flavor. Cheese is synonymous with good and tasty marijuana. It is not certain, but it is thought that Northern Light and Skunk are among its relatives.

Kannabia growers got the original clone of the strain from English travelers who settled in the Alpujarra mountains near Granada in the mid-1990s. They say it is a clone of a mother plant selected from the natural seeds of Cheese, because of its intense smell and taste of cheese and its rapid flowering.

Its production was not special, but by crossing it with Kannabia's Mazar-i-Sharif, the variety became a very good producer with large and dense flower clusters. The breeders crossed the resulting hybrid again with Kannabia's own Original Cheese, resulting in Kiss, a hybrid with Indian dominance, but which has retained the Skunk structure and grows tall if you put it in a good pot of 5 to 7 liters, up to 90 cm when grown indoors and more than 2 meters outdoors. When grown indoors, it adapts very well to hydroponic systems where it finishes the flowering cycle after only 7 weeks with photoperiod at 12 hours. Although most are only mature and ready to harvest after 8 weeks. Outdoors, the plant can be fully vertigated in the first week of October. It produces a dense layer of resin from the first flowering, which can be seen with the naked eye. Excellent hashish is easily obtained. Its short intermediate nodes spread during the flowering cycle and form beautiful, good quality shoots that glisten with resin.

You should feed it carefully as it is very sensitive to over-fertilization and you should not spoil its fantastic aged cheese taste. Wash the roots well during the last week so that the flavor is fully preserved.

The variety Kiss can be recommended to any grower, as you just need to be careful not to over-fertilize in order to get an abundant harvest after a fairly short flowering period.

Product Features

Anorexia, Arthritis, Parkinson's disease, Nausea

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