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Manufacturer:Khalifa Genetics
Product no.:KHALI-8567
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CrossIndian Landrace (Kullu Valley) x Amnesia Haze
Strain87% Sativa / 15% Indica
CultivationChallenging, suitable for SOG Setup
Flowering Time  Longer flowering period, 11 - 12 weeks
Yield  High
EffectStimulating and joyful
Taste & AromaSpicy, Woody, Hazy
CharacteristicsProduces a good amount of trichomes, unique aroma
EffectSuitable for creative work and social interactions





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Products description

Maharaja Haze by Khalifa Genetics

Discover the exotic world of Maharaja Haze by Khalifa Genetics, an uplifting masterpiece of Indian breeding artistry. This almost pure Sativa strain combines the spice of a pure landrace from the majestic Kullu Valley with the legendary Amnesia Haze from Amsterdam. The result is an explosive mix of ancient, woody, and misty aromas that takes your senses on a journey through exotic landscapes.

The genetics of Maharaja Haze is a true F1 hybrid creation, producing long, spear-shaped colas that are covered with trichomes - a gift from the frosty Amnesia. The Kullu contribution adds to its very cerebral effects and the wild Sativa taste. This strain, distinguished by its unique aroma that resembles a spicy Indian dish more than cannabis, is perfect for those seeking an uplifting and joyful experience.

The effect of Maharaja Haze is invigorating and cheerful, ideal for creative work and social interactions without being overwhelming or inducing paranoia. With its Sativa dominance and hybrid vigor, Maharaja Haze grows insanely fast, balancing out the relatively long flowering time. While the challenge lies in cultivation, Maharaja Haze blooms faster and offers higher yields than its North Indian parent plant.

Thanks to the stabilization of both parent lines over many generations by Khalifa Genetics, Maharaja Haze boasts high uniformity, with similar growth patterns, flower structures, and flowering times. Each plant exudes the unique and enticing aroma of old school. This unique creation was also made possible through collaboration with CoCo Genes, an Indian strain hunter who collected the North Indian seeds in the Kullu Valley in 2017.

Whether you're a Sativa lover seeking a strain for creative inspiration and social moments or simply want to explore the diversity of exotic aromas, Maharaja Haze by Khalifa Genetics is a choice that will not disappoint you.

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Maharaja Haze
Maharaja Haze
Maharaja Haze

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