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Manufacturer:Kannabia Seeds
Product no.:KABIA-628
Shipping time:about 5 - 7 days
Gender Feminized
Crossing Black Domina x Mazar-i-Sharif x Blue Monster
Variety Sativa, Indica Dominant
Cultivation Outdoor, Indoor, Glasshouse
Flowering time Indoor 58 - 65 Days
Yield outdoors 800 grams per plant
Yield indoors 600 g/m2
Outdoor height 200 cm
Harvest time September - Oktober





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Products description

Mataro Blue by Kannabia Seeds

The most difficult genotype in the catalog is a triple cross with the best of mainly "Indian" traits, among them one of our most Indian Blueberry, very productive, with all the characteristics known for this variety (short height, fast flowering and blue tones).

Other components are an original Afghan (Mazar-i-Sharif), a very good resin producer that produces abundant harvests, and our Black Domina, which contributes a more branched structure when grown outdoors or indoors with window boxes of 7 - 10 liters, and more height than the results of the first crosses.

The Mataro Blue plant forms a large central sprout, compact for the many flowers that form staggered on top of each other. Already in the first days of flowering, the plant begins to form crystals and it is covered by a dense sticky resin layer that seems to consist of large caramel drops. It immediately produces trichomes with lime green heads, and when it is almost ripe it is white and golden in color and has a very penetrating smell. If you expose it to low temperatures, it will turn blue-purple.

Mataro Blue produces coarse, healthy dark green cuttings that are very suitable for cloning. It develops medium-sized nodes with enormous thick leaves. It tolerates very large amounts of fertilizer during growth and is resistant to drought. We recommend the use of high wattages for indoor cultivation to optimize the result (800 W/m2). The recommended vegetation cycle is 2 weeks for good production when grown indoors. With hydroponic systems the results are impressive and it matures incredibly fast.

Works very well outdoors where it can cover several square meters of surface. We recommend fixing it well so that it supports the weight of the sprouts. If you prune them well, the plants will grow into shrubs up to 2 meters tall.

The flowering cycle lasts 58 - 65 days, which means you can harvest in the first days of September. We recommend the use of carbohydrates to improve the flavor. The smell is very penetrating, with a hint of bitter orange. Gets you high very quickly and is a good turn-on; it takes you away and lets you float, then brings you back powerfully.

Very high THC levels. It produces a very potent hash by extraction with ice.

Cannabis Cup
1st prize Rosin - LiftExpoToronto 2016
1st prize in the Medical "Indica" category - TreatingYourself Expo 2012
3rd prize in the Outdoor category - Copa Cannabica Axarquia 2013

Mataro Blue (Kannabia Seeds)
Mataro Blue (Kannabia Seeds)

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