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Manufacturer:ACE Seeds
Product no.:ACE-8554
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CrossOaxaca 79 S1 #23 x A5 Nevilles Haze
StrainMostly Sativa (80% Sativa, 20% Indica)
CultivationIndoor suitable, SOG/SCROG, adaptable for outdoor cultivation in warm climates
Flowering Time Indoor11-12 weeks
Harvest TimeEnd of October
EffectStrong, cheerful, social, psychedelic
Taste & AromaLemon, incense, musk, perfume, floral notes, oriental spices, noble wood
CharacteristicsHigh-quality Mexican Sativa, motivating, social, with a complex terpene profile





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Oaxaca A5 Haze by ACE Seeds

Discover the vibrant power of Oaxaca A5 Haze from ACE Seeds, a strain that enchants you with its uplifting Sativa heritage. This masterpiece is the result of crossing Oaxaca 79 S1 #23 and A5 Nevilles Haze, yielding a predominantly Sativa-dominant (80% Sativa, 20% Indica) genetics.

The flowering time is 11-12 weeks, and you can expect a harvest time by the end of October. Indoors, it is perfectly suited for SOG cultivation methods, while outdoors it thrives in warm climate zones and mild autumn conditions. Its medium size and flexible lateral branching, which hardly stretches during flowering, makes it easy to handle and ideal for indoor setups.

Oaxaca A5 Haze is known not only for its adaptability but also for its intense scent. Its bouquet reveals notes of lemon, incense, musk, perfume, and floral notes, complemented by oriental spices and noble wood. The scent is an echo of the best American Sativas from the 60s and 70s and is an invitation to dive into a world full of aroma diversity.

The effect of this strain is powerful, cheerful, and social, with a psychedelic psychoactivity that immerses you in a state of bliss. The effect is stimulating and motivating, ideal for social occasions or creative endeavors.

In terms of the THC range, you can expect a content of 14-18%, making it a strong, but not overwhelming option. Its complex and refined terpene profile includes high amounts of terpinolene and limonene, followed by moderate amounts of beta-pinene and myrcene, as well as low amounts of alpha-pinene and linalool.

If you are a fan of Haze and Mexican Sativas, don't miss the opportunity to experience the unique charms of Oaxaca A5 Haze!

Oaxaca A5 Haze
Oaxaca A5 Haze
Oaxaca A5 Haze
Oaxaca A5 Haze
Oaxaca A5 Haze
Oaxaca A5 Haze
Oaxaca A5 Haze

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