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CrossbreedingAlbert Walker x Sour Bubble
VarietyIndica/Sativa (Specific percentages not specified)





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Sour Walker by Pheno Finder Seeds

Discover the exclusive world of the Sour Walker from Pheno Finder Seeds a unique strain characterized by its exceptional sweet and sour taste and long, dense buds. This phenomenal phenotype, the result of crossing the legendary Albert Walker and Sour Bubble, is the perfect choice for connoisseurs and lovers of special flavors.

The genetics of Sour Walker are a masterful combination of Albert Walker and Sour Bubble. This feminized strain, which relies on a photoperiod flowering cycle, takes you into the world of sophisticated cultivation. Although the exact THC levels are unknown, it is the outstanding quality of Sour Walker that makes it a true asset to any collection.

Sour Walker is particularly suited to dry climates and reveals its full potential when grown in such an environment. Its long, dense flowers exude a wonderful aroma that is reminiscent of sour fruit and captivates with its sweet and sour nuances. This variety is not only a delight for the senses, but also a challenge and reward for the experienced grower.

The special characteristics of the Sour Walker are its unique taste and incomparable aroma . If you are looking for a strain that stimulates your creativity while offering an exceptional taste experience, the Sour Walker by Pheno Finder Seeds is the ideal choice. Let yourself be enchanted by this exquisite strain and experience the true taste of quality and exclusivity.

We invite you to discover the world of Sour Walker and become part of this unique taste journey. With the Sour Walker from Pheno Finder Seeds, you are not just choosing a strain, but an entire experience.

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