Frisian Dew - Dutch Passion

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Manufacturer:Dutch Passion
Product no.:DP-361
Shipping time:about 5 - 7 days
Gender Feminized
Variety 50% Sativa, 50% Indica
Cultivation Outdoor
Flowering time 7,5 Weeks
Taste & Aroma Mildes Aroma





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Products description

Frisian Dew from Dutch Passion

Frisian Dew is a beautiful outdoor strain with a mild aroma and an above average "high"! The plant is the extremely successful result of a cross between a female Super Skunk and a male Purple Star (50% indica, 50% sativa).

The bright purple flower color is a feast for the eyes and the gardener's heart is rewarded with extremely high yields and a very good flower/leaf ratio (low leaf). This Outdorr variety guarantees top premium quality with a high resistance to mold.

For an outdoor grower, this hemp is an absolute must, especially in colder areas!

Cannabis Cup
1st place High Life Holland 2008

Frisian Dew
Frisian Dew
Frisian Dew
Frisian Dew
Frisian Dew

Customer reviews:

 am 08.11.2016    Evaluation: 5 of 5 Stars!
Germination result: 9 out of 9 (one died due to carelessness), but all plants were very strong.
Pot choice: 11l pot filled with quality potting soil from the grow supply store around the corner Cultivation location: direct sunlight approx. 4 hours a day, otherwise semi-shaded Fertilizer: at the end two to three times with Hesi fertilizer Pests, my tip! water with garlic stock :-)

I germinated the seeds at the end of June. I started fertilizing at the end of July when it was about 35 cm tall. It grew to a bushy height of 80 cm. The result was airy buds. Very little odor development. The high is pleasant and medium to strong. A must for colder or higher regions and beginners. Conclusion: recommended beginner strain.

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