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Manufacturer:Grand Daddy Purp Genetics
Product no.:GDP-8459
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CrossbreedingBlue Dream x Bay 11
strainMostly Sativa
Flowering time indoor8 - 14 weeks
Indoor yield1000 gr/1000 Watt
Indoor height90 - 150 cm
Outdoor yield1800 - 2250 gr/plant
Outdoor height200 - 300 cm
THCHigh (18-22%)
CBDLow (0-1%)





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Products description

Bay Dream Reg. by Grand Daddy Purp Genetics

Immerse yourself in the world of the Bay Dream Reg. a cross that blurs the lines between recreation and therapy. Brought to you by Grand Daddy Purp Genetics this strain combines the best of two sativa-dominant legends - Blue Dream and Bay 11. Its heritage not only guarantees high potency, but also an impressive harvest.

Bay Dream Reg. is a regular seed variety known for its remarkable yields and therapeutic properties. Indoor plants reach a height of 90 - 150 cm and produce around 1000 grams per 1000 watt light under optimal conditions. The recommended vegetation period is between 2 and 4 weeks, followed by a flowering period of around 10 weeks. However, this can vary between 8 and 14 weeks depending on the phenotype.

Outdoors, the plants reach impressive heights of 200 - 300 cm. Each plant can weigh up to 1800 - 2250 grams with the harvest taking place in the northern hemisphere towards the end of October. The buds are characterized by their considerable size and large trichomes. A sweet pine scent, a legacy of the Blue Dream parent plant, dominates the aroma. With a THC content of 18 - 22% and a CBD level of 0.64%, Bay Dream Reg. delivers a strong, uplifting and relaxing effect that also offers therapeutic benefits.

Bay Dream Reg. is not only a source of pleasure for experienced growers, but is also suitable for beginners who want to explore growing cannabis. Its adaptability to different growing methods, such as SCROG or LST, makes it a versatile choice for different growing environments. The strain is suitable for both humid climates and indoors, offering growers the opportunity to harvest high-quality cannabis products.

If you're looking for a strain that not only offers heavy yields but also an unparalleled experience, then Bay Dream Reg. is the perfect choice. Her therapeutic properties, combined with an uplifting and relaxing effect, make her a must-have for any cannabis lover. Order now and experience the exceptional quality of Bay Dream Reg. by Grand Daddy Purp Genetics.

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