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Manufacturer:Bodhi Seeds
Product no.:BODH-8446
Shipping time:about 5 - 7 days
Gender Regular
Crossbreed Jack Herer x '88G13/HP
Variety hybrid
Cultivation Photoperiod
Climate Dry





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Products description

"Herer Hashplant Reg." by Bodhi Seeds

Welcome to the world of "Herer Hashplant Reg. , an extraordinary creation from Bodhi Seeds . This strain is a tribute to the legendary cannabis icons, combining the exceptional genetics of Jack Herer with the robust and resinous '88G13/HP. The result is a powerful, regular and photoperiod strain that is ideal for dry climates.

"Herer Hashplant Reg." is characterized by impressive growth dynamics and is perfect for cultivation methods such as Screen of Green (SCROG) or Low Stress Training (LST). These techniques help to unleash the plant's full potential, maximizing light absorption and encouraging the development of dense, resin-soaked flowers. With a pack size of 11 seeds, Bodhi Seeds offers the ideal amount for a comprehensive growing experiment.

The flowering time of this strain is average, revealing its full splendor in the flowers. The flowers themselves are a feast for the eyes and promise an intense smoking experience. The aroma of "Herer Hashplant Reg." is a complex interplay of earthy, sweet and slightly spicy notes that guarantee an incomparable taste experience.

The effect of "Herer Hashplant Reg." is just as remarkable as its genetics. It delivers a balanced high that offers both mental clarity and deep physical relaxation. This strain is ideal for cannabis enthusiasts looking for a balanced effect with a rich and diverse flavor profile. Get ready to experience the exceptional quality and fascinating history of "Herer Hashplant Reg." - a strain that will delight any cannabis lover.

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