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Gender regular
Crossing Ruderalis x Indica
Variety 90 % Indica, 10 % Sativa
Cultivation Outdoor, Indoor, Glasshouse
Flowering time6 - 7 Weeks
Yield outdoors 400 grams per plant
Yield indoors 300 - 350 g/m2
Harvest time Ende September
THC 18 - 20% 





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Products description

Ruderalis Indica regular from Sensi Seeds

Ruderalis strains are ancient wild plants found throughout Eastern Europe, so the Ruderalis Indica from the Sensi Seeds seed bank captures all of these unique characteristics in this strain. Through the ingenious idea of mixing this wild strain with a southern indica, the breeders have succeeded in giving the previously low-potency Ruderalis this and have created a plant that is able to reach full maturity in a short time, which of course also makes it particularly attractive for beginners. Ruderalis Indica ensures that even inexperienced growers can successfully generate their desired yields.

Cannabis Ruderalis is characterized above all by its robustness, which enables it to reproduce in the short summers and harsh cold winters of its native habitat. The seeds of Wild Ruderalis, when they fall off the female plant, can survive the whole cold winter dormant in the ground for several years below zero degrees. Wild varieties only have a very short life cycle, maturing into seed-bearing plants within 10 - 12 weeks.

What the Ruderalis Indica from Sensi Seeds is its auto-flowering property, which means that half of the plants start flowering on their own, depending on their stage of development, and do not need to be induced by artificially induced light cycle changes. It normally starts to flower on its own after the formation of the fifth to seventh true leaves.

Ruderalis Indica has a relatively low content but produces a high content. This in turn is an advantage for medicinal users. Nevertheless, it delivers a subtle effect with a hard stoned feeling.

Ruderalis Indica Reg.
Ruderalis Indica Reg.

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