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Manufacturer:G13 Labs
Product no.:G13-8289
Shipping time:approximately 2 weeks
CrossIce Cream Cake x SFV OG
CultivationOutdoor, Indoor, Greenhouse
Flowering Time Indoor65-70 Days
Flowering Time Outdoor65-70 Days
Yield Outdoor600 g per Plant
Yield Indoor500-550 g/m2
EffectBalanced, Physical, Cerebral, Stimulating
Taste & AromaVanilla, Sweet, Diesel, Citrus, Honey
PropertiesStress, Fatigue, Migraine, Nausea





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Eggnog OG by G13 Labs

Discover Eggnog OG by G13 Labs, a unique gift for cannabis enthusiasts, perfectly fitting for the holiday season. This exclusive strain, wrapped in festive design, is the ideal present for connoisseurs and lovers.

The creation of Eggnog OG is based on the crossbreeding of SFV OG and Ice Cream Cake, producing a remarkable hybrid. SFV OG, known for its deep aroma with notes of tangerine and a hint of diesel, provides rapid and profound relaxation, while Ice Cream Cake entices with its seductively sweet vanilla scent and creamy flavor notes. This blend offers a balanced, stimulating effect both physically and mentally, ideal for evening use.

The combination of these two strains results in Eggnog OG, a plant known for its dense, aromatic buds, potent effects, and easy care. This strain is suitable for both recreational and medical cannabis users, offering long-lasting, calming effects with an uplifting mental impact and a gentle body buzz. It is particularly effective in relieving stress, fatigue, migraines, and nausea, and also helps with insomnia.

Eggnog OG has a moderate THC content of 20%, allowing relaxation without complete detachment from body and mind. The flowering time is 65-70 days, with a yield of 500-550 gr/m2 indoors and up to 600 gr/pp outdoors. Its flavor combines sweet vanilla with citrus and honey notes, paired with a hint of diesel.

Indulge yourself or your loved ones this holiday season with Eggnog OG by G13 Labs – a strain that impresses not only with its taste but also its soothing and simultaneously stimulating effects.

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