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Manufacturer:Barney's Farm
Product no.:BF-8346
Shipping time:about 5 - 7 days
Gender Feminized
Crossbreed Y Griega x Snowman
Strain Sativa 55%, Indica 45%
Cultivation Outdoor, Indoor, Greenhouse
Flowering Time Indoor 65-70 days
Flowering Time Outdoor Until mid-October
Yield Outdoor Up to 1kg per plant
Yield Indoor Up to 700g/m²
Height Indoor 80-90 cm
Height Outdoor Up to 1.5 meters
THC Over 25%
Effect Balanced, happy, energetic, relaxing
Taste & Aroma Earthy, spicy, sweet, diesel, berries
Properties Dark green and purple buds, rich in trichomes





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Gary Payton by Barney’s Farm

Discover the extraordinary Gary Payton strain from Barney's Farm, named after the basketball legend and multiple cannabis cup winner. This unique, slightly Sativa-dominant hybrid is the result of a cross between the famous Y Griega and Snowman strains.

This strain stands out not only for its name. Gary Payton has quickly gained a reputation for its exceptional quality, distinctive flavor profile, great yield potential, and balanced effects, making it special in the cannabis community. The buds are a work of art in deep greens and purples, liberally dusted with trichomes, giving them a frosty appearance. The striking color contrast suggests the complexity and depth that this strain offers.

The scent of Gary Payton is as unforgettable as its aroma. Spicy herbs and piercing diesel with a hint of sweet berry undertones seduce the senses. The taste is a symphony of earthy tones, complemented by a mix of spicy and sweet notes, leaving a multifaceted and pleasant aftertaste. This harmonious blend of flavors makes Gary Payton a favorite among connoisseurs.

As for the effects, Gary Payton is truly unique. It offers a balanced and happy feeling with a consistent THC level of over 25%, satisfying both mind and body. Expect an initial cerebral rush, providing a burst of energy and increased concentration. This gradually transforms into a soothing body sensation, relieving tension and promoting relaxation without leading to overwhelming sedation.

Growing Gary Payton can be a fulfilling challenge for growers. The plant shows vigorous growth and resilience, adapting well to various growing conditions. Indoors, Gary Payton reaches 80-90 cm, outdoors up to 1.5 meters. The plants are distinguished by their robust structure and incredible yield potential. While it requires attention and care, the result is a rich harvest of high-quality buds - up to 700g/m² indoors and up to 1kg per plant outdoors, making the effort more than worthwhile. The flowering time indoors is 65-70 days, outdoors the Gary Payton strain is ready by mid-October.

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