Hindu Z Valley - Phenomenom Genetics

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Manufacturer:Phenomenon Genetics
Product no.:PEEOM-8529
Shipping time:about 5 - 7 days
Gender Feminized
Crossbreeding 4 Locoz #23 x San Fernando Valley OG Elite Clone
strain hybrid
Flowering time indoor 55 - 65 days
Harvest time End of September
Indoor yield ~ 450-500 g/m²
THC ~ 22-24%
Flavor & Aroma Sweet, Lemon, Diesel, Spicy
Characteristics Fast flowering, dense, resinous buds
Awards Third place at The Organic Cup 2023





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Products description

Hindu Z Valley from Phenomenom Genetics

Discover Hindu Z Valley a masterfully bred gem from Phenomenom Genetics that takes you into the depths of exquisite flavors and impressive potency. This strain is an ingenious combination of 4 Locoz #23 and an elite clone of San Fernando Valley OG.

Hindu Z Valley is characterized by its fast flowering time of only 55 to 65 days. Prepare to be impressed by dense, highly resinous buds that are ideal for resin extractions.

The taste of Hindu Z Valley is an exquisite blend of sweet and lemony notes, rounded off with a hint of diesel and a spicy note. This aroma profile makes every tasting an unforgettable experience.

With a yield of about 450-500 g/m² Hindu Z Valley offers an abundant harvest that will delight any grower. Its efficiency and productivity are unparalleled.

Hindu Z Valley struts with a THC level of around 22-24% which promises a strong but pleasant effect. It is the perfect choice for experienced cannabis connoisseurs looking for a deep and lasting relaxation.

Harvest time is in late September, making Hindu Z Valley an ideal choice for growers who prefer an early harvest. Its robustness and ease of care make it an attractive option for growers of various experience levels.

Hindu Z Valley has also proven itself in the competitive landscape, winning third place at The Organic Cup 2023 has won. This is testament to its exceptional quality and popularity among connoisseurs.

Cannabis Cup
3rd place at The Organic Cup 2023

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