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Manufacturer:French Touch Seeds
Product no.:FT-8320
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CrossbreedJamaican Kiki
Variety25% Indica / 75% Sativa
CultivationOutdoor, Indoor
Flowering Time Indoor45-60 Days
Flowering Time OutdoorEnd of September
Yield Indoor550 g/m2
Height Indoor2m
THC10-20 %
CBD5-10 %
EffectCalming, Energizing





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Products description

Kikiriki Reg. by French Touch Seeds

Kikiriki Reg. by French Touch Seeds is an exceptional Sativa-dominant hybrid strain, characterized by its unique flavors and aromas. This strain, a tribute to Jamaican cannabis culture, originates from a careful selection of special Jamaican strains. Its genetics pay homage to the reggae-loving community, with the male line coming from an experienced French reggae singer.

The flowering time of Kikiriki Reg. is only 45 to 60 days, making it ideal for growers who prefer a quick harvest. With an indoor yield of an impressive 550g/m² and a plant height of up to 2 meters, this strain is suitable for both experienced and novice cannabis cultivators.

Regarding THC content, it ranges between 10 and 20%, making Kikiriki Reg. a versatile choice for various users. The CBD content of 5-10% contributes to a balanced and pleasant experience. These characteristics make it ideal for those seeking a calming yet energizing effect.

The effect of Kikiriki Reg. is active and energizing, perfect for creative activities or simply enjoying the day. Its aromas are an exotic mix that harks back to its Jamaican heritage. The outdoor harvest time is at the end of September, making it an excellent choice for growers in temperate climates.

In summary, Kikiriki Reg. by French Touch Seeds is more than just a cannabis strain - it is a creation that combines culture, quality, and outstanding genetics. Whether for home cultivation or professional purposes, Kikiriki Reg. offers an exceptional experience for cannabis enthusiasts.

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