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Manufacturer:Barney's Farm
Product no.:BF-8345
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CrossbreedPurple Punch x Lemon Drizzle
VarietyIndica, Sativa
CultivationOutdoor, Indoor, Greenhouse
Flowering Time Indoor60-65 Days
Flowering Time OutdoorEarly October
Yield OutdoorUp to 1500 g per Plant
Yield IndoorUp to 650 g/m2
Height IndoorUp to 180 cm
Height OutdoorUp to 180 cm
THC24-26 %
Taste & AromaSweet, Sour, Earthy





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Products description

Purple Punch x Lemon Drizzle by Barney's Farm

Discover the fascinating world of Purple Punch x Lemon Drizzle, presented by Barney's Farm. This feminized cannabis strain combines the exquisite genetics of Lemon Drizzle and Purple Punch, making it a true botanical masterpiece. Its Indica-dominant nature and a THC content of an impressive 24-26% guarantee a deeply relaxing experience that will take you to euphoric heights.

The flowering time of this magnificent specimen is only 60-65 days indoors, allowing you to quickly and efficiently grow your own harvest of this delicious variety. In indoor cultivation, you can expect a yield of up to 650g/m², while outdoors, even a breathtaking 1.5kg per plant is possible. With an impressive growth height of 1.5m to 1.8m, this cannabis strain sets new standards in terms of beauty and robustness.

However, the real highlight of the Purple Punch x Lemon Drizzle variety lies in its unparalleled flavor profile. Prepare yourself for a taste explosion where sweet and sour notes merge in perfect harmony with earthy undertones. This combination makes every tasting an unforgettable experience. Plan your harvest for early October and immerse yourself in a world of botanical bliss.

Wondering whether Purple Punch x Lemon Drizzle is more Indica or Sativa? This strain from Barney's Farm offers a balanced ratio of 45% Sativa and 55% Indica, perfect for lovers of both worlds.

To optimally store your Purple Punch x Lemon Drizzle seeds, we recommend keeping them cool, dark, and in an airtight container, ideally in the refrigerator. Be sure to label and date them properly, and avoid freezing. For germinating these seeds, if allowed in your area, the paper towel method is a common technique. The seeds are placed between moist paper towels and kept in a warm, dark place. The ideal germination temperature is between 21°C and 32°C.

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