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Manufacturer:Original Sensible Seeds
Product no.:OSSC-8562
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CrossBanana Kush x Bubblegum x Secret Hybrid
Strain70% Indica, 30% Sativa
CultivationIndoor / Outdoor
Flowering Time Indoor50 Days
Flowering Time OutdoorEarly to Mid-September
Yield Outdoor700 g per plant
Yield Indoor600 g/m2
Height IndoorMedium Height
Height OutdoorMedium Height
Harvest TimeEarly to Mid-September
CBDNot specified
EffectBalanced, euphoric, creative, relaxing
Flavor & AromaJuicy, sweet strawberries, note of blueberry
PropertiesRich in terpenes (Limonene, Myrcene, Caryophyllene)
EffectEuphoric, creative, relaxing





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Products description

Strawberry Banana Fast by Original Sensible Seeds

Discover Strawberry Banana Fast by Original Sensible Seeds, the faster flowering variant of the famous Strawnana. This indica-dominant cross between Banana Kush and Bubblegum, refined with a secret hybrid component, blooms in an incredibly short 50 days indoors. It offers a balanced high that fills you with euphoria and creativity before taking you into blissful relaxation.

The dominant terpenes limonene, myrcene, and caryophyllene give this strain an incredible flavor and scent of juicy sweet strawberries with a hint of blueberry. Growing Strawberry Banana Fast is a pleasure: These feminized seeds develop into easy-to-handle, bushy plants of medium height with lateral branches that produce abundant plump buds with sticky resin and a THC content of over 25%.

The yields are impressive, making Strawberry Banana Fast an excellent choice for growers of all experience levels. Outdoors, harvests of more than 700 g per plant can be expected from early to mid-September, while indoors 600 g/m² can be harvested in just 50 days.

If you're looking for a strain with abundant yields, maximum potency, and a fast flowering cycle, Strawberry Banana Fast by Original Sensible Seeds is the perfect addition to your collection. This strain combines sweet-fruity flavors with a well-balanced high that is both euphoric and relaxing. Prepare to be impressed by the quality and speed of this exceptional strain.

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